Thursday, 26 January 2012


Well, while I'm making decent progress on the book front as far as my little adventures are concerned I have struggled somewhat with some of my other objectives thus far.  I guess no one ever promised that just because I wrote this stuff down that it would "happen" or that it would "be easy".  >.< 

I have to admit that I have struggled with the seemingly simply goal of making my bed every day.  I intend to make it today, and if I do so, it will be only the 5th time this month... so I obviously have work to do in that department.  Unfortunately... upstate New York, which last year got dumped on with snow storm after snow storm has had nothing greater than a one inch snow into late January this winter season, so my hopes for building a snow man may be doomed or have to rely on a December snow, which is no guarentee.  Sure we still have February and March here, so the situation is not "dire" yet, by any means, but the weather forecast has not had temperatures cold enough for a significant snow all winter, and it does not seem to be heading in that direction any time in the early part of February.  This was definitely an unanticipated snafu to what I figured would be one of my easier adventures to complete. 

I have also struggled on the losing weight innitiative.  I felt that the losing weight innitiative was perhaps my most challenging adventure set forth on paper.. or in this case... on the interweb.  I have not gained weight per se, but I have lost maybe a pound or so, so the progress is pretty much negligible depending upon whether or not I weigh myself before or after a meal.  This is a very important goal that I hope to achieve this year, as I honestly feel it could benefit my health and self confidence going forward on other adventures.  I know I need to incorporate some kind of exercise routine, and use a bit more discretion when "treating myself" if I am going to even begin to make progress.  Hopefully providing a truthful account of my struggles helps me face the innevitable ACTION that must be taken along with my WORDS.  Much in the way I talked about love in my review of Pictures of You. 

Any hopes and prayers.. and perhaps a good ole fashioned kick in the bum are appreciated. 

-- Jon Bear

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  1. Hey Jon boy, perhaps a challenge may motivate you? One of your goals is to participate in some kind of charity event, perhaps a fun run or walkathon would help you lose weight because you'll have to prepare for it and exercise and on the actual day do physical movement- Carlyn.


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