Monday, 31 December 2012


9. triumph [CREATE]: How were you challenged by a project or goal this year? What did you learn from it?

Blogging and my twenty goals kept me busy this year. This year was my first year of blogging and the first time that I wrote my goals down and made them public.  I have managed to complete 13 goals so far.  I really enjoyed blogging this year.  Blogging has helped me be more self reflective, move out of my comfort zone, learn new ideas and meet new people.

My computer skills improved a little bit as I learnt to use Blogger. It was fun designing layouts (the current layout is the fourth layout for this blog) and choosing apps. I am positive that my skills will improve and the blog be better when I have more experience.

I think blogging helped me to express my opinion more articulately. I find that writing reviews for books and movies helped me be more detailed and analytical in my writing which is a good skill for someone studying.

My goals challenged me in different ways.  The ‘draw two pictures per month’ was quite a challenging one. The reason I had that goal was to take some time out for myself in my busy day and do something relaxing. Although I mostly completed my pictures in a rush to tell you the truth.  I know I only drew little bears but it was challenging because I had to remind myself to do it, sometimes I did not have the time and sometimes I did not know what to draw. In addition, I knew my drawing skills were limited so it was hard to draw some things and I could see the flaws in the pictures but didn’t know how to fix them. For example, sometimes it was hard to get the perspective right or draw body movements. Maybe I should have joined Deviant Art and had someone to help me with my questions.

I really enjoyed drawing the pictures despite my limitations. I’m glad that people wrote kind comments about them and I especially liked how Jon Bear liked them.

The next challenging project was when Jon and I decided to bet on the Olympics. We decided to gamble on the Olympics by betting with each other who would win events. I supported Australia and Jon supported America. In some events there were no Aussies or Yankees so we chose different countries .Music was our currency and  a win equaled one song. I lost overall.  I would have owed Jon at least three albums but we settled with me buying him a book instead.

We went a little over our heads with the Olympic bets. The bets involved a lot of research and time. For starters, we picked too many events and divisions. We picked 7 sports, bet on both men and women and different divisions.  For example, we picked wrestling and we bet on men and women and different weight ranges. 

I mostly chose athletes by their names or countries. Jon has an interest in sport and made more educated guesses than me which is why he won.

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