Carlyn's Goals

Carlyn's List

I always like to make new years resolutions. I don’t always stick to them but I like to start the year with a positive intention. This year I want to focus on completing some uni courses and saving money.


My goal list in detail

  • Blog weekly 
  • Finish my novel 
  • Catch up with friends
  • Curb procastination


In five years time I want to be:

  • Financially stable and relatively debt free.
  • Living independently.
  • A capable driver who can go anywhere.
  • Working full time in a job that I love.
  • Well travelled.


My 2016 goals in detail

1. Exercise regularly January , February
2. Spend more time outdoors January , February
3.SAVE MONEY!! January 
4. Take more risks COMPLETED  January , February , March Goal Achieved April 
5. Me time once a month January , February
6. Give to Charity  January  , February
7.Bed makeover- Completed
8. Read 40 books January , February
9. Explore Buddhism- Completed
10.Print out photos- Completed
11. Be positive/Happy January  , February  March


My 2015 Goals

1. Be Productive
2. Save 3 Months worth of wages
3. Dress Better Fashion challenge 2015
4. Obtain More Qualifications
5.Go Green
6.Exercise 30 Day Tricep Challenge , week 1, week 2, week 3 , week 4 (final)
7. Do something awesome for mum's 50th birthday Mum's birthday 
8. Read 36 books this year


My goals for this year 

1. Read new books and finish old ones.
2. Be adventurous in fashion.
3. Put myself first.
4. Healthy eating.

2014 Goals in review


(My goals in detail)
2013 Goal Reflection 


(Carlyn's list with explanations )


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