Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Spirt of Christmas

Kate Jordan ( Jen Lilley) is a workaholic lawyer who is assigned to sell the Hollyoak Inn after the owner passes away. It proves difficult because every twelve days before Christmas, the inn is haunted by the first owner Daniel (Thomas Beaudoin). Kate is undeterred by Daniel’s presence, determined to sell the house so that she may win a promotion. Kate resolves to solve the mystery of Daniel’s death which will help him move on.

The two leads are both gorgeous. Thomas Beaudoin’s looked a little too hipster to be a ghost from a hundred years ago. Then again, many hipster men sport beards so they could come from that time too.  Jen Lilley and Thomas Beaudoin had great chemistry but I was conflicted about their characters getting together. There’s a long-lost love in the film too and I felt sorry for her.

This was a cute film and unexpectedly spooky at times. I was expecting more Casper the Friendly Ghost type of vibe when I watched this movie but it’s one step above it. I am a person who scares easily so I was a little scared at the menacing presence and door slamming. Other people won’t have that problem at all. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

You by Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg is a hopeless romantic. He meets Guinevere Beck (Beck to her friends), an aspiring writer in the bookstore where he works. They have a flirty conversation and he’s instantly smitten. Joe becomes obsessed with her, stalking her until he feels ready to introduce himself as Beck’s ideal match. Beck has many admirers and Joe eliminates them with no qualms. After growing up with little affection, he craves love and Beck is the girl for him.

One of my guilty pleasures is made for tv movies about obsession. When I heard this book was told from the perspective of the stalker, I had to read this book. I liked Joe and I pitied him. He just wants to be loved but he does terrible things to be loved. I admire his devotion and drive to win over Beck. However, if he were real and I was Beck, I would be terrified of him. Joe has no shame and thinks all his actions are for the greater good. He has a contempt for everyone except Beck.

Beck is not the average girl next door. She seems innocent but she’s actually a seductress who loves to string people along. Beck is a writer who tells half-truths to Joe about her life and her relationship but Joe already know the truth because he stalks her. He’s aware of her flaws and dismisses them preferring to see her as a victim who is being held down by those around her. Joe is her white knight and she’s his princess. He thinks that his life will be better if only they are together.

The book has a lot of sex but I don’t think it’s gratuitous. Joe craves love and intimacy and Beck is a bit of nympho. I found the sex scenes to be depraved rather than titillating. Joe thinks about sex a lot and gets easily aroused.

 I knew that it wasn’t going to end well. I was anticipating the fallout as I read the book. It’s a little sad and horrible but I was expecting it. There’s a sequel to You called Hidden Bodies, where Joe starts his obsession with love all over again.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

December Goals

I work as a substitute teacher and school is about to finish for the year. As I don’t have to do any school planning like regular classroom teachers, I have two months to do anything.
Here’s my list of things to do:

1. Read every day
I have a huge to be read pile and lots of books collecting dust. I’m not one of those people who can sit for hours reading, unless I’m riveted on the book. So, I’m going to aim to read a little bit every day. I’ll finish off all the half-started books first.

2. Exercise regularly
I’ve been glued to the computer all year, not really doing anything. It’s time to get active again. My family has a treadmill that we bought last year. I’ve only been on it twice. I’ve recently installed a pedometer app on my phone and going on the treadmill will help me to reach 10,000 steps a day.

3. Netflix
To pass the time on the treadmill, I’m going to watch all the movies and tv shows that I have on my list. I keep adding shows that I will watch one day.

4. Blog
I haven’t been blogging much this year.

5. Finish Teacher Portfolio

6. Go out solo once a week

I need to get out more. I rarely go out by myself. I think it would be a healthy experience for me. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

October Life Update

For the past few months, I have been living in a bit of a funk. Just family stuff. I became directionless to avoid thinking about stuff. Now I’m trying to get myself out of the hole that I dug.  I’m making goals and lists again. This time around I’m not going to give myself a hard time if I don’t achieve them. I just remind myself that it’s good to get started and  I can always pick up where I left off. So far, it’s been good. I feel more productive and that sense of accomplishment makes me feel good.

Semester 2 is finished! I won’t have uni again until next year. I had the option of doing semester 3 but I’ve decided to take a break. My creative writing course was fun. I learnt a lot from the experience. I wrote a lot, more than I would have if I hadn’t started the course.

I just finished reading Escape by Carolyn Jessop, which is an autobiography about a woman who escaped from a polygamous marriage and cult. It was very admirable that she could escape with six children in tow and leaving everything behind.

I’ve been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine which is a comedy show about a fictional Brooklyn police precinct. The episodes are short, and I can watch it while doing other stuff.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

5 songs I’m lovin’ this month

Taylor Swift Gorgeous
I love this song, it’s Gorgeous! I think Taylor Swift perfectly describes what it’s like to have a crush and not being able to act normal around them. I think this song is adorable. I look forward to the video clip.

Sara Bareilles – Gravity
I’ve been listening to song constantly. I think it’s about being in a relationship that you want to break free from and the other person not believing in you.

Pretty and Young by Austin Mahone
I was watching the Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter Mens Collection 2017/18 runway show and Austin Mahone was featured in the fashion show. He was singing his song Pretty and Young and Except for Us while the models walked. I really enjoyed his songs although it was a pretty awkward performance. He was clearly lip syncing but not very well. Despite that, I still liked his songs.

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers- Cover by Susan Boyle
I love Susan Boyle’s cover, her voice is so emotive and gentle.

Landon Pigg - Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop
I found out about Landon Pigg after listening to a fellow blogger’s playlist. It’s a lovely mellow love song.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Carlyn's Diary: September 2017

I have two weeks of holiday time. It’s spring in Australia, my favourite time of the year. It’s also my birthday month. This time around, I’m having a staycation. I plan to catch up with old friends and mostly binge watch through my Netflix saved list as well as finish one book. I plan on watching, The Age of Adeline, Albion: The Enchanted Stallion, Pulp Fiction and Room. As well as a whole bunch of series.

 I would like to get through a ton of books too but I know myself enough to know I won’t do it. So my goal is to just finish reading Gulliver’s Travels by Johnathan Swift. It’s been almost two years and I’ve read the book on and off, forgetting about it all the time and starting new books.

I haven’t decided yet on what I will do for my birthday. I usually have a big plan but this year I’m aiming for something low key. I was thinking of having a roast dinner with my family and going out with my friends later.

Friday, 4 August 2017

August Life Update

I changed from my journalism degree into creative writing. I decided to go with my heart as all I really want to do is write fiction. I originally chose journalism to be sensible because it has better job prospects. However, I thought I might as well be happy because this will be my second degree and I’m not young anymore.

It has been the best decision I made. I’m enjoying my course and I like being around like minded people. I was a bit nervous about sharing my work as we have to critique each other but I’m there to learn so it’s necessary.


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)
My little brother introduced me to this kdrama. It’s about a Korean general Kim Shin (Gong Yoo)  from ancient times who is executed by the emperor who is afraid he’s too powerful. He gets stabbed with his own sword but doesn’t die. Instead he becomes an immortal known as a goblin and must wander the earth until he meets his bride. The love of his life is the only one that can pull the sword out and grant him death.

It’s an interesting concept and well written. The costuming, special effects and locations are excellent. I recommend the series.

Boys Over Flowers
In this Kdrama is set in high school. It’s about a girl named Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye-sun) who gets a scholarship to Shinhwa High School, a private school in Korea. Students take a disliking to her because she’s not rich especially Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min-ho), the most popular boy in school. Gu Jun Pyo is the heir to the Shinhwa company and his family owns the school. He does a series of pranks on Geum Jan Di to force her to leave but she rises to the occasion which leads to him falling in love with her.

The two get together but their love is tested by Gu Jun Pyo’s mother who doesn’t approve of the relationship. The couple have the support of Gu Jun Pyo’s friends Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon) who are all heirs to large fortunes. The boys make up the group known as F4 who rule the school.

The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt Series- Book 1 Me Just Different by Stephanie Morril

Skylar Hoyt is this popular high school student who decides to change her life after something bad happens to her at a party. She becomes estranged from her friends as she tries to work out who she real is and finds herself liking an unpopular boy. I thought it was a cute story, it reminded me of the stupid fights you have with your friends in high school.

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