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Here is the place where you find all of the special events that Jon and I participated in, whether it be a charity event or watching the Olympics.


2012 London Olympic Games

Jon and I both love the Olympics and decided to watch it together this year which is a little unusual considering that Jon is in America and I am in Australia but thanks to technology we can both keep informed over what is happening.
We decided to make things interesting by taking bets between ourselves over who would win medals. We will trade songs to the winner of the bets. I hope that noboby is influenced on what Jon and I bet on as Jon and I have nothing to lose, we're not betting on money so we can afford to take risks. In my case I am picking countries that I like, I'm influenced by athletes' names that are interesting and who won world records in which events. So my choices are a bit uninformed.
However, I know Jon will make more informed choices as he has a genuine interest in sports but he's not an expert so please don't be influenced by us to gamble away your money.
Here are some links to our Olympic posts:

Relay for Life!
This is a charity event that Jon participated in.
"I work at the service desk in a grocery store in Clifton Park, NY, and two days ago, a women walked in and requested a donation from our store for a charity event called Relay For Life. This type of request is not uncommon as Price Chopper has always been extremely involved in the community and very helpful in funding charity events."
Here are some links to his posts about those events:
One Million Acts of Kindness
Jon and I participated in 'One Million Acts of Kindness' which is a social movement that startede in Australia on the 14 May 2012. Participants undertake a challenge of making a pledge of commiting at least two acts of kindness per week or more for eight weeks. The acts of kindness don't have to be to strangers, they can be to loved ones and the environment.

Here's an account of what happened:
 MS Novel Challenge
The Novel challenge is the adult version of the MS Readathon . A readathon is a like a marathon for books. You read a lot of books for a certain period of time and people sponsor you to read the books. Sponsors can choose to donate amounts by how many pages you read, or how many books you read, or how much time you took to read books. Participants can read for thirty days as many books as they can or read as many books as they can for three months. I am going to be taking the three month option as I am a slow reader. I will push myself to read as many books as I can so expect to find more reviews from me.
Suicide Prevention Fundraising Walk
Suicide is one of the most difficult ways in which to lose a loved one, and often times that is because there is always some lingering sense that when someone chooses to take their own life that it was somehow preventable. The emotional burden on those left in the wake of losing a friend or loved one to suicide is astronomical and not quantifiable. Our lives are so completely invested in the people we love and when we lose them we lose a valuable and irreplaceable part of ourselves.
Capital Region Walk for R.I.T.A. Suicide Prevention


May Blogger Challenge
Jon Bear and I decided to have a bit of fun by doing a blog challenge. For the next thirty one days we’ll be blogging every day. We’ve chosen to do a challenge by http://www.whileonthisside.com  and I’ll be doing all the odd numbered challenges and Jon will be doing the even ones. We wanted to do this challenge because we wanted to share more of ourselves and maybe even learn more about each other.
Jon and I decided that we’ll only do things we’re comfortable with so we will tweak the challenges to what we want to do. Hopefully you’ll find some enjoyment reading our challenge posts. Thanks if you do.

Here is the list:

31. Your favourite hobbies and way to spenddowntime.


30 Day Triceps Challenge
Jon Bear and I decided to try doing triceps challenges every day during February. You can read the results here:

Introduction to Fitness Challenge
Week 1: Carlyn
Week 1: Jon 
Week 2: Carlyn 
Week 2: Jon
Week 3 Jon
Week 3 Carlyn
Week 4 Carlyn- Final Week

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