Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blogs of the Month: August 2014

Jon Bears Blog of the Month:

My blog of the month for August is Diabetics Rejoice!

I think that it's great when people turn a personal health issue into an opportunity to not only improve their own health but also educate and improve the lives and health of others.

At Diabetics Rejoice, the "Diabetic Cook of Maine" posts recipes for every meal that provide healthy and tasty food options for people who must restrict their diets because they suffer from diabetes.  Good food is good food though and people do not have to be diabetic to enjoy foods on a healthy food blog.  I know for me it's hard to know how I can eat healthier, feel fuller and get not just nourishment but enjoyment and satisfaction from my meal.

As someone who has a sweet tooth I like that the Diabetic Cook of Maine does not ignore that aspect of eating.  I'm someone who subscribes to the idea that healthy eating should not be about "making sacrifices" but more about making "smart choices".  At a sight like Diabetics Rejoice! there are such a variety of food options that there is something for everyone.  The fact that diabetes effects so many lives and so many families too makes this a valuable place to not just improve health and energy but also improve meal time enjoyment.

Decadence and Indulgence CAN be healthy!  Who says you can't have your cake AND eat it too? =)

Carlyn Girl's Blog of the Month :

The blog I want to highlight for this month is Liberty or Death by Bethany Carson. Bethany’s blogs is one of my favourite blogs which I always look forward to reading. On Liberty or Death, Bethany writes about her life in Iowa, her love of God, her family and hobbies. I like her appreciation for the small things in life and how her religion guides her life in a positive way.


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