Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blog Updates

I just wanted to mention that Jon and I decided that we won’t be doing Blogger of the month anymore. We didn’t have the discipline to keep up with it and we always posted on the last minute. I even posted the February post in March!

I will be going on holiday soon but only for one week. I won’t be posting while I am away but Jon Bear will still be around.

We haven’t been posting much lately due to being busy with our everyday lives. Also Jon Bear doesn't have a reliable computer and has being using the computers at the local library. I admire his dedication in going out of his way to keep up with the blog.

By Aleksi Tappura


  1. I can relate to the blogging discipline; I often put blogging the least on my priority list because the lack of free time, when I have one I spend it on power naps.
    And Jon does have a dedication with blogging! I should take example of your determination..
    enjoy your holiday, Carlyn :)

  2. Yes, thank you Prisilia. I have found the time more difficult lately. Once the weather gets warmer here in New York there are more *distractions that make it tougher to get to the library. Hopefully I can become a bit more disciplined as I have some catching up to do with our blog. >.<


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