Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Film Review: Precious (2009)

I've always wanted to watch the movie, Precious (2009) after reading many good reviews about it but I was hesitate because I knew it was a sad story. Anyhoo, I decided to give it a go on last weekend.
The film Precious is based on a book called Push by Sapphire. It tells a story of an obese, illiterate and abused teenager named Precious and how she's trying to get through school despite her problems. She's got an abusive mother and father. Her father raped her and fathered two of her children. Her mother resents Precious, continually calling her stupid and giving her the occasional beating.
When Precious enrols into an alternative school program for high risk children, her life begins to change and she learns to take control of her life.

As an education student, I really liked the idea of an alternative schooling option for children who don't fit mainstream schooling. So I really liked seeing Precious attend those classes and improve academically. I liked how as her literacy improved she was able to communicate better with others and with herself so that she could make sense of her life.

I felt that the film was not as depressing as I thought it was going to be. It's pretty depressing but I was not totally saddened by it as I have been by other films. I thought the acting was brilliant especially Mo'Nique who plays Mary (Precious' mother) and Gabourey Sidibe who plays Precious.

It was also nice to see Mariah Carey as Ms Weiss, the social worker. I thought she was still beautiful without makeup. I was a little dissapointed that her role was not bigger, I assumed it was because of all the promotion about Mariah Carey being in the film.

Overall I liked the film and I thought it was good. It's not one of my favourite films but I'm glad I watched it.

By Carlyn

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