Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jon Bear's Progress Report =O

I'm not as organized as Carlyn Girl is so she has to light a little fire under Jon Bear's butt sometimes to get him to do something.  But I am grateful that she is always gracious and kind when she does so. =D
I feel as if I'm making decent progress on my goals, but that in certain respects I need to pick up the pace as well. 

1. Make a greenbean casserole

This should be fairly easy to achieve or at least TRY to achieve at some point... most likely during the yearly Thanksgiving Dinner I prepare for my friends.  I'm still trying to convince Carlyn Girl to come visit me from Australia at Thanksgiving so she can join in the festivities, but I may have to make a casserole before then and get some friend's to vouche for it's edibility before she commits.

2. Partake in a walk or run for charity

I know that I am likely to partake in the Breast Cancer walk we have at Washington Park in Albany every year, but that isn't until October sometime, so hopefully I'll do something before then too.

3. Lose 50 lbs.

Well I had lost 16 pounds going into this weekend, but I kind of pigged out for an NFL draft party I held by myself for myself. LOL  So I'm a bit afraid to step on the scale.  Maybe I'll wait a couple of days before I do that.  Otherwise, I'm starting to make progress... slow and steady wins the race, right?
4. Apply for new Job(s)

I plan on focusing on this more after my best friend's wedding in June.  I took off a couple of weeks at that time to also go on a trip to the wineries in the Great Lakes Region with my mom to celebrate her 70th birthday (which is actually on May 29th).  I didn't want to possibly take a new job and then tell them I need two weeks off.  I know that's probably not the right way to do things.. you should focus on the job, but seeing as I DO have a job, it's not like I'm desperate.  Hopefully I am true to giving that job search focus after the wedding.

5. Read more books in a year than ever before (my record is 40) I may try to join Carlyn in tackling list of 100 books you must read before you die

ummm... this I was doing GREAT on, but I've slowed significantly.  I am currently reading two books that I have had trouble getting into.  I'm not sure if I should move on from those books or just buckle down.  They may be good, I just haven't given them enough of a chance yet.

6. Purchase my first ever (own) video game system

Not sure if this will happen.  A lot will depend on my money situation.   I do not have a passion for video games so it makes the incentive to rush and do this a bit less pressing and it's probably one of the least important goals on a personal level. 

7. Go to an NHL Hockey Game with friends DONE! Hockey Adventure!

whew... I did one of these? =O I was beginning to think I hadn't accomplished anything yet. =P

8. Send the baseball poem I wrote to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

This poem is written and I do not live far from the Baseball Hall of Fame, so once I decide to work up the courage to do this (which shouldn't take too much work up really) it will be done in a day.  It's not like it HAS to be accepted by them.. just sent. LOL

9. Make a phone text (I've only made one ever... it wasn't very good)

Ugh!  I don't know why I dred this one, which should take all of about 30 seconds.  >.<
10. Ride a Rollercoaster (I'm going to Disney World in April) DONE! Disney by Numbers , Photos , Disney/Universal pictures cont.

I road ... hmmm... let's see... *think, think* 4 rollercoasters.  Carlyn.. can I count that as 4 goals achieved and trade three of them off for 3 of the other goals of my choosing? ;) 

11. Buy a new suit

Again this will be dependant on money and I HAVE rented a suit for my friend's wedding, but I did write BUY on the goal, so I don't want to take the easy way out on this one.  I also really would like a new suit.  This all factors in a bit with my weight loss goals too.  I am kind of putting this off to see if I can lose my 50 pounds first.  Then the suit can be a kind of "reward" too for achieving one of my more important goals on this list.
12. Build a snowperson

DONE! I built a snowman at my mom's house a couple of months ago.  I took advantage of the ONE snow we had all winter.  Shocking, considering the fact that there was half a foot of snow on the ground for 3 months straight the previous winter.   I still need to get my sister-in-law to e-mail me the pictures so I can post proof here.  I think I named him Ivan or Igor or something.  I told Carlyn his name, so she may remember better.  I couldn't believe how darn heavy the snow was.  I'm getting old or week or both.

13. Go to the Finger Lake Wineries

This is a go.  Plans already made. *PARTY!!!!* umsps umsps umsps *HEAVEN* umsps umsps umsps *FEELS GOOD* umsps umsps umsps

14. Make my bed at least 5 times a week

Ouchers!  This one is probably already a failure.  I've made it about 2 times a week thus far.  Is 7 times a week for the rest of the year even possible for someone who LIKES to make their bed? >.< *embarassed face* >.<  Okay, I'll work on this one but the early results are not promising.

15. Go to the Shaker Museum

Ohhh... forgot about this one.  Still excited for this and it should be fairly easy to accomplish.  Just have to pick a day.  Maybe during the offtime in between my friend's wedding and my mom's b-day celebration?

16. Visit the Ausable Chasm in Upstate New York,

I'm really excited to do this, but I know it's going to require focus and coordination sometime this summer.  It's not particularly CLOSE BY, as I think it's about a 3 hours drive north.  Hopefully I can get a friend or friends to do this with me this summer.

17. Take more pictures (share some here) Kind of accomplished already in a way.  I have already taken as many pictures as I might ordinarily in a year and I have shared some here, but I won't put the DONE STAMP on it yet, because there is a lot more time this year for picture taking and picture sharing.

18. Make a scrap book

>.< <----- I think that says it all right now.  CARLYN!!!! I need a motivational speech here!

19. Inspire a friend to create a blog of their own

I've told some friends and family about my blog but not really given them a link to it yet.  I don't think I've achieved this little goal, but I think it's very attainable.  *fingers crossed*

20. Make Up a CD of acapella Christmas Tunes I have sung

This is partially done, but it's hard to find the inspiration to sing Christmas tunes when it's 70 degrees and sunny outside my window.  I think this will get done fairly easily once the weather gets cold again in October or November.

Well that's it for now.  So much to do still, but I'm feeling pretty good on the whole about my progress at this point and don't see why I can't accomplish all of these still as long as I keep my mind to it and Carlyn cracks the whip a bit! =P

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  1. It's good to see you progressing on some goals. We'll have to think of an incentive to get you to make your bed everyday. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share.
    It is also apparent that most of our goals are going to happen later on in the year and that it's a bit of a waiting game. Hopefully, we will finish our goals this year.


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