Saturday, 19 May 2012

Embarrassing stories

Jon and I are going pretty well in participating in the 1 Million Acts of Kindness Movement, we pledged to do two acts of kindness per week for eight weeks but so far we've done more than that as opporutnities have arisen . Just so you know Jon and I don't have to do 1 million acts of kindness, the name has to do with getting 1 million people to pledge to do acts of kindness.

There are daily themes for each week and today's theme is laughter. There are also suggested activities that you can do and the one I have chosen is to share embarrassing stories about myself.  Here's why telling an embarrassing story is liberating .

Well my stories aren't that entertaining but here goes:

1. One time I was in a food court in a mall with my family. We were at McDonalds and we had ordered five cokes, I got the tray and my brother was in front of me and I gently pushed him with the tray to make him go faster and the drinks all spilled. The McDonalds people got us some more drinks and I spilled them all when I went to grab them from the counter. So I decided to give up and we had no drinks. My brother left the food court quickly but I decided to act like nothing had happened even though there was this huge puddle at the McDonalds counter and a hazard sign. When I was eating my burger, I heard a girl telling a friend how I embarrassed myself, she was pointing at me too.

2. There was this one time when I was in high school P.E where I had to do some basketball drills. The class was split up into two teams and we were on opposite sides of the court. We had to dribble the ball to the other team's hoop and take a shot. I was standing too close to the hoop so when someone did take a shot, the ball hit me right on the head and everyone laughed.  That's not a very interesting story but I've never forgotten it.

3.  A more recent embarrassing story would have to be when my mum paid me a surprise visit at uni. My uni is known for its poor mobile phone reception so it's hard to make calls at uni and receive calls. My mum had called me serveral times but I never got the calls. She went all over the uni looking for me asking various strangers if they had seen me. She finally found me in the library and was accompanied by a very kind woman who had taken her all over the campus to look for me. When my mum found me she said "Hello monkey, there you are!" which was really embarrassing in the dead silence of the library. (My mum calls me monkey or monkey magic after the  70s kung fu show that I use to watch as a little kid called Monkey Magic  ) She then proceeded to tell me in baby talk that she looked everywhere for me. We got out of the building and it was then that my phone beeped several times to alert me of the missing calls.


Do you have any embarrassing stories you would like to share? Feel free to post in the comments section.

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