Saturday, 5 May 2012

Relay For Life!

I work at the service desk in a grocery store in Clifton Park, NY, and two days ago, a women walked in and requested a donation from our store for a charity event called Relay For Life.  This type of request is not uncommon as Price Chopper has always been extremely involved in the community and very helpful in funding charity events. The woman also provided a number of brochures for the event which she left at the service desk for customers to take should they be interested in participating.   Seeing this as a opportunity to perhaps get involved in a charity I told her I would take a look at the flyer and that I might even take part in the charity walk if I were able to. 

In looking at the flyer I noticed that the Relay For Life was on Friday, June 8th.. the first day of my vacation and the day before my best friend's wedding on June 9th.  I decided that as long as my friend does not need any kind of pre-wedding, last minute preparation assistance, I would sign up for the walk.  I was also inspired to mention the walk to several of my work associates who were excited to join me and sign up for the event as well.  Seeing so many people willing to also get involved encouraged me and one of my co-workers to officially sign up our store for the relay.  At this point, I figure if my friend requires my assistance the night before the wedding, I will at least raise funds for the event and pass my money on to one of the other walkers.  If everything is in order as far as the wedding is concerned, I will do the walk.  The event starts at 6 pm and is being held at a local highschool (Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park, NY) and begins with a celebration of Cancer Survivors who do the first walk around the track alone, while everyone else cheers for them.  After the first lap they are joined by the other walkers.  Around 9 pm they light luminaria which are little bags with lights in them.  The luminaria cost $5.00 each and have a name on them of someone whom you are supporting in their fight against cancer or honoring the memory of.   I figure I will buy two luminaria in honor of my mother's parents *my grandparents* who I never met, as they both passed away from cancer at the age of 42.   As a group we are hoping to raise at least $500.00.  We are a small store and we only have 4 official participants so far (in the first hour of trying to recruit people) so it may be a challenge to reach our goal, but we are hopeful and expectant that we can achieve at least that.

The walk lasts all night and does not end until 7 am on June 9th, and there is another little kind of rememberance type ceremony that is done at midnight.   With my best friend's wedding being on the 9th, I do not anticipate staying for the duration of the walk, but would like to make it to the midnight ceremony.  I was told that there is no requirement that you stay for the entire period from 6 pm until 7 am the next day.  My goal is to try and raise as much money as I can towards our store's goal and to get as many of my co-workers involved as possible.  I will be sure to update how the fund raising is going and to indicate if I was successful in creating a groundswell of interest and support from my co-workers.  I have other charity walks I intend on taking part in later in the year, but I will be happy if I am able to be a part of the Relay For Life and to share that experience with a number of the good people I work with.   Wish me luck!  =D


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