Wednesday, 20 June 2012


There is a bit of irony in my posting this picture today, given it's the first day of Summer here in the United States, and it's scorching hot outside today for the first time this year.  That said, I was finally able to bring back a copy of my snowman picture taken in March, when we received our only semi-decent snowfall of this past winter.  Hope you all like him... I had given him a name (I believe it was Ivan).  He lasted for about a week before succumbing to the heat. >.< (poor Ivan) :'(  I hope that any of you who are fortunate enough to live in a cold enough climate or visit a cold enough climate for snow will build your own snow people when given a nice snowfall... even as an adult, I found it to be quite fun!  Without further ado.... in memory of Ivan...

Ivan and Jon, March 2012 (even though my mum mistakenly wrote March 2011 on the back of the picture. >.<)


  1. RIP Ivan,beloved snowman. Anyways, it's nice to see you smiling in a picture for once.

  2. I hate how big my cheeks look when I smile.. but truth be told I smile in almost all my pictures with family and friends. The ones I tend to post on the internet I specifically do not smile for because I am self concious. I am happy Ivan can now live here and in our hearts for eternity.


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