Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mum's birthday

Last Tuesday was my mum's birthday, she turned 46. We didn't do anything special for her birthday because she had to work on the day. I bought her an Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume set and some rose hand cream and soap. My little brother gave her $50 and my grandma mailed her a parcel containing salted pork! My mum wasn't impressed with receiving salted pork but that's grandma for you. Last year grandma sent her some dried fish, grandma is a bit old fashioned. I wonder whether I will get something like that for my birthday? Usually grandma gives me cardigans, towels, blankets or money for my birthday.

Yesterday my brother, dad, mum and I went out for lunch as a belated birthday celebration as it was mum's day off from work. We went to eat at Sunnybank which is known for its Asian restaurants. My brother drove as none of us knew how to get there. My brother hates driving with dad because he's always telling him how to drive and where to go. The trouble started when dad suggested a left turn, suggesting he knew a quicker route. Well it turns out that he didn't know a quicker route and that it was just a guess. We ended up being lost for thirty minutes going through suburbs like Marooka, Logan, Annerley, Archerfield.

It was fun driving through the suburbs especially when we past the schools and little shopping nooks. I like to imagine what it would be like living around those areas. Privately I wanted to stop and look around the little stores but I knew my family wanted to get to Sunnybank so I didn't say anything. I especially wanted to look at the second hand and antique stores because you always find interesting things in there. I usually look for old books rather than clothes. I like to look at schools because I'm a student teacher, I like to imagine what it would be like teaching at different schools because they all have a different feel to them.

We did end up in Sunnybank and in time for lunch at Buffet Garden which is an all you can eat buffet. It was my dad's first time at the restaurant as he usually eats at noodle houses. We ate a lot of food, not too much to be embarrassing though. We had mussels, springrolls, onion rings, pasta salad, mushroom soup, ice cream, jelly, chicken dishes, seafood stir fry.

Afterwards we were full and we went home. I felt sleepy on the way home and I think it was because of the long trip and all the food. At night, my little brother came home and gave mum a silver watch for her birthday. We were all surprised and delighted as he had already given mum a birthday gift.


  1. YAY! I'm glad you all did such nice things for your mum and took the time to spend some time with her. There is no better gift I am sure than spending time with her children. =)

  2. Yes I have to keep reminding myself that loved ones just like it when you spend quality time with them, sometimes I feel like I should extraordinary grand gestures for birthdays and other events.


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