Friday, 10 August 2012

More Bets

Here are more our Olympic bets.


Men's BMX
Jon: 1. Sam Willoughby AUS 2. Connor Fields USA 3. Liam Phillips GB
Carlyn: 1. Brian Kirkham AUS 2. Marc Willers NZ 3. Tory Nyhaug CAN
Results: Gold: Maris Stromberg LAT Silver: Sam Willoughby AUS Bronze: Carlos Oquendo COL
Points: 0 Points

Women's BMX
Jon: 1. Laura Smulders NED 2. Magalie Pottier FRA 3. Brooke Crain USA
Carlyn: 1. Caroline Buchanan AUS 2. Squel Stein BRA 3. Alise Post USA
Results: Gold: Mariana Pajon COL  Silver: Sarah Walker NZ Bronze: Laura Smulders NED
Points: 0 Points


Men's Handball
Jon: 1. France 2. Sweden 3. Croatia
Carlyn: 1. France 2. Great Britain. 3. Argentina
Results: Gold: France, Silver: Sweden, Bronze: Croatia
Points: Jon 6 Points, Carlyn 3 Points

Women's Handball
Jon: 1. Norway 2. Montenegro 3. Spain
Carlyn: 1. Australia 2. Iceland 3. South Korea
Results: Gold: Norway, Silver: Montenegro, Bronze: Spain
Points: Jon 6 Points

This Section Final Points: Jon 12 Carlyn 3

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