Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Part One: Betting on the Olympics! Who will win?

Carlyn and I decided that in the spirit of the Olympics we would compete in our own intercontinental competition of sorts by partaking in a bit of friendly wagering.  Unfortunately, seeing as I am poor I can not take lots of that colourful Australian money off Carlyn's hands and instead she will have to send me a song she is fond of for each point I win from her.  Sure there is a minor chance that I will owe her a song or two, but I may ask the Men's gymnastics judges for a review of those results.  Here's how it works.  We each picked a number of events in various sports.  Each of us must pick the first, second and third place finisher.  IF any Australian or American are involved in the events we have chosen to bet on, then Carlyn as an Australian is obliged to pick an Australian to finish somewhere in the top three and I as an American am obliged to pick an American somewhere in the top three.  For each person or country (during team competitions) that we pick in the proper finish we earn one point.  If we both pick the same person in the same place or the same country in the same place then that pick will cancel and no points will be awarded win or lose. We will also pick the top three overall medal finishers (top 3 countries) at some point soon.  We will earn 3 points if we pick the Gold team right 2 for the Silver and 1 for the Bronze.  Once all our points are tallied we will owe eachother songs for each point we have earned.   Hopefully I explained that right without too much confusion.  >.<  May the best Bear... ummmm... or Girl win!

Here follows the bets we have been able to find enough info on to date to each make our picks on.  We are posting them as evidence in case one or the other of us wish to dispute something.  Please do not use our choices in any decision to gamble you may be making as we really have little clue what the heckyl jeckyl we're doing.  Of course that conclusion may become obvious too if anyone reviews our choices.

Women's 800m freestyle
Carlyn: 1. Rebecca Addlington GB 2. Kylie Palmer AUS 3. Xin Xin CHN
Jon: 1. Kate Ziegler USA 2. Xin Xin CHN 3. Rebecca Addlington GB
Results: Gold: Katie Ledecky, USA,  Silver: Mireia Belmonte Garcia, Spain, Bronze: Rebecca Adlington, Great Britain
Points: 0 points

Women's 100m butterfly
Carlyn: 1. Sarah Sjostrom SWE 2.  Alicia Coutts AUS  3.  Dana Vollmer USA
Jon: 1. Dana Vollmer USA 2. Alicia Coutts AUS 3. Sarah Sjostrom SWE
Results: Gold: Dana Vollmer USA Silver: Lu Ying China Bronze: Alicia Coutts Australia
Points : Jon 3 Points

Women's Relay Medley
Carlyn: 1. AUS 2. USA 3. GB
Jon: 1. USA 2. AUS 3. GER
Results: Gold: USA, Silver: Australia, Bronze: Japan
Points: Jon 5 Points

Men's 1500 m Freestyle
Carlyn: 1. Jaarod Poort AUS 2. Dai Jun CHN 3. Daniel Fogg GB
Jon: 1. Dai Jun CHN 2. Andrew Gemmel USA 3. Sergii Frolov UKR
Results: Gold: Sun Yang, China, Silver: Ryan Cochrane, Canada, Bronze: Oussama Melloui, Tunisia
Points: 0 points

Men's 100 m Butterfly
Carlyn: 1. Tyler McGill USA 2. Chris White AUS 3. Takeshi Matsuda JPN
Jon: 1. Michael Phelps USA 2. Takeshi Matsuda JPN 3. Tyler McGill USA
Results: Gold: Micheal Phelps, USA, Silver:  Chad le Clos, South Africa and Yevgeny Korotyshkin, Russia, Bronze: No Bronze awarded.
Points: Jon 3 points

Men's Relay Medley
Carlyn: 1. AUS 2. USA 3. GB
Jon: 1. USA 2. FRA 3. AUS
Results: Gold: USA, Silver: Japan, Bronze: Australia
Points: Jon 4 points

Table Tennis:
Men's Singles
Carlyn: 1. Joo Sae-Huk S.KOR 2. Zhang Jike CHN 3. William Henzel AUS
Jon:  1. Hao Wang CHN 2. Jike Zhang CHN 3. Timothy Wang USA
Results: Gold: Zhang Jike, China,  Silver: Wang Hao, China, Bronze: Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Germany
Points: 0 Points

Men's Team
Carlyn: 1. N. KOR 2. CHN 3. AUS
Jon: 1. CHN 2. N. KOR 3. USA
Results: Gold: China, Silver: South Korea, Bronze: Germany
Points: Jon 3 points

Women's Singles
Carlyn: 1. Lay Jian Fang AUS 2. Feng Tiawei SNG 3. Ding Ning CHN
Jon: 1. Ding Ning CHN 2. Ariel Hsing USA 3. Natalia Partyka POL
Results: Gold: Li Xiaoxia, China, Silver:  Ding Ning, China, Bronze: Feng Tianwei, Singapore
Points: 0 Points

Women's Team
Carlyn 1. AUS 2. CHN 3. USA
Jon: 1. CHN 2. USA 3. JPN
Results: Gold: China, Silver: Japan, Bronze: Singapore
Points: Jon 3 points

Women's Indvidual
Carlyn: 1. Elisa Barnard AUS 2. Sherab Zam BHT 3. Gao Ning SNG
Jon: 1. Sung Jin Lee KOR 2. Ksenia Perova RUS 3. Khatuna Lorig USA
Results: Gold: Ki Bo-Bae, South Korea, Silver: Aida Roman, Mexico, Bronze: Mariana Avitia, Mexico
Points: 0 Points

Men's Individual
Carlyn: 1. Im Dong-Hyun S. KOR 2. Taylor Worth AUS 3. Jantsan Gantugs MNG
Jon: 1. Markyan Ivasko UKR 2. Cheng Wei-Kuo TPE 3. Taylor Worth AUS
Results: Gold: Oh Jin-Hyek, South Korea, Silver: Takaharu Furukawa, Japan, Bronze: Dai Xiaoxiang, China
Points: Jon 3 points


Men's Indoor
Carlyn: 1. BRZ 2. AUS 3. JPN
Jon: 1. RUS 2. USA 3. AUS
Results: Gold: Russia, Silver: Brazil, Bronze: Italy
Points: Jon 3 Points

Women's Indoor
Carlyn: 1. AUS 2. USA 3. GB
Jon: 1. USA 2. TUR 3. RUS
Results: Gold: Brazil, Silver: USA, Bronze: Japan
Points: Carlyn 2 Points

Beach Volleyball Women
Carlyn: 1. AUS 2. GB 3. USA
Jon: 1. USA 2. USA 3. BRZ
Results: Gold: USA, Silver:USA, Bronze: Brazil
Points:  Jon 6 points

Beach Volleyball Men
Carlyn: 1. AUS 2. GB 3. USA
Jon: 1. USA 2. LAT 3. SWE
Results: Gold: Germany, Silver: Brazil, Bronze: Latvia
Points: 0 Points


Men's Parallel Bars
Carlyn: 1. Danell Leyva USA 2. Feng Zhe CHN 3. Daniel Corral MEX
Jon: 1. Danell Leyva USA 2. Feng Zhe CHN 3. Kohei Uchimura JPN
Results: Gold: Feng Zhe, China , Silver: Marcel Nguyen, Germany, Bronze: Hamilton Sabot, France
Points: 0 Points

 Men's Rings
Carlyn: 1. Aleksandr Balandin RUS 2. Chen Yibing CHN 3. Matteo Morandi ITL
Jon: 1. Kohei Uchimura JPN 2. Tanaka JPN 3. Chen Yibing CHN
Results: Gold: Arthur Zanetti, Brazil, Silver: Chen Yibing, China, Bronze: Matteo Morandi, Italy 
Points: Carlyn 3 points


Men's Soccer
Carlyn: 1. BRZ 2. GB 3. AUS
Jon: 1. BRZ 2. GER 3. GB
Results: Gold: Mexico, Silver: Brazil, Bronze: Japan
Points: 0 Points
Women's Soccer
Carlyn: 1. USA 2. AUS 3. BRZ
Jon: 1. USA 2. JPN 3. ARG
Results: Gold: USA, Silver: Japan, Bronze: Canada
Points: Jon 5 Points, Carlyn 3 Points


Men's Basketball
Carlyn: 1. USA 2. SPN 3. AUS
Jon: 1. USA 2. SPN 3. FRA
Results: Gold: USA, Silver: Spain, Bronze: Russia
Points: Jon 5 Points, Carlyn 5 Points

Women's Basketball
Carlyn: 1. USA 2. AUS 3. BRZ
Jon: 1. USA 2. FRA 3. AUS
Results: Gold: USA, Silver: France, Bronze: Australia
Points: Jon 6 Points, Carlyn 3 Points

We have a number of other events we are betting on as well, but those are the ones we have both been able to provide our picks for to this point.  =)

Hopefully I copied everything correctly and Carlyn or I will fix any thing I may have incorrectly related in regards to the scoring of our bets. 

Final Results This Section:   Jon 49 Carlyn 16


  1. Oh noes! Jon Bear is winning! Good thing I didn't bet money.

  2. We weren't betting money? *cries* ;)

  3. Carlyn, I would like if you would send me my music collection on digitally enhanced media. Thank you. =)


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