Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Special Olympics

Unfortunately Carlyn and I are not able to bet on the Special Olympics which started a couple of days ago in London, England.  We had more advanced notice to prepare, but did not because she has been busy with school and I have been busy with work and with going places and doing things on my off days.  We aplogize for not carrying through with our little competition, but we will try to be better prepared next time. 

We wish all the athletes the best and hopefully in four years we might even see MORE inspirational stories of special olympics athletes competing in the Rio Olympics.  I still think that if I am ever fortunate enough to make it to a country to see an Olympics, that I would like to stay afterwards, if at all possible and watch the special olympics events as well.  Go USA and Australia!

On edit: I was looking on line for results for the Special Olympics in London, when I realized that I mistakenly wrote of the Special Olympics, when it is the Paralympics that is going on in London, England right now.  My apologies for confusing the two events. I decided to leave the thread title unchanged as  I think it would be inspiring to see either the Special Olympics or the Paralympics some day, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to see both.  None the less I wish to correct my error. 


  1. i hope you can go for the next Special Olympics with your friend, Carlyn! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  2. Thanks Mitha! If I win the Lottery I promise Carlyn that she's invited to go with me. I'll even pay for her flight to Rio and back. But if we can't go, hopefully we will have more time to make a friendly wager on it.


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