Thursday, 23 August 2012

Texting Jon Bear!

Yes, in case you may have thought that Carlyn and I forgot our list of goals, well... you're wrong! =P

We still have four months to complete our goals/small adventures and I think I can only definitively rule one out right now.  That being making my bed an average of five times a week. >.< crumbles!  No reason that I can't aim for improvement though.  The losing 50 pounds goal and reading more books then I did last year may be the most difficult for me to achieve going forward, but I have not given up the ghost yet!

Rencently I've been in the adventure completing spirit with my trip to the Shaker Museum last Friday and my trip to Ausable Chasm coming up tomorrow.  So today I decided that I would send a text to my sister Heather.

She lives in Virginia and I do not get to see her very often.  Today my mother told me that Heather might visit her for Christmas.  I was already going to be at my mom's for Christmas this year, as were my twin brother Clifford, his wife Tracy and his one year old son Tristram (they'll be coming from Pennsylvania).  There is a chance my brother Robert, his wife Shriley and my neice Katrina will be there too, but they may go to Long Island to visit Shirley's family, that is up in the air right now.  It was nice to hear that Heather will be coming, but sadly her husband David may not be able to make it.  Hopefully we will be able to see him too, but if not, it will still be nice to see my sister.  So... to the point!  Yes, Carlyn reminds me sometimes that I don't have to be so wordy.  I sent my sister Heather a text (the second text I've ever made in my life) and here is what it said! 

"Hi heather and david i hope to see you both at Christmas time!"

 I didn't figure out how to use the CAPS option in the middle of a sentance until I got to the word Christmas.

Heather wrote back...
"Will prolly just be me (Heather). Dec. 19 or 20 to the 23.  When will you be at Mom's?"

seeing as Heather asked me a question, I had to text back and answer, so I doubled my lifetime texts total in a matter of one day.  *hi fives self*

here is my answer...

"The 20th to the 26th yay see you then one day i get phone with punctuation"

If my pitiful inexpensive cel phone has punctuation on the keyboard, I can't find it.  I have one of those phones where you still have to press the button multiple times to scroll through your letter options.  No iphones or androids for me yet.  I'm too poor for that.  It only took me about 10 minutes to compose each of my messages.  >.<  I feel better though having achieved one of the things I set out to do this year.  I think I could get used to this texting thing.  Now I just have to add it to my phone plan so I don't get charged .10 cents per text. >.<  Getting a new phone with a full keyboard might be nice too.  So there it is.  Jon bear moving into the 21st century. 

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