Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My two favourite kids and the surprise party

My two favourite kids are *Rebecca*(11 years old) and *Peter* (10 years old) who are my best friend’s niece and nephew. I’m an education student and I first met them when I needed some children to finish an assignment. I had them over at my house where we did some art and craft, watched movies and played games. I asked them questions and I observed the way they acted for my assignments.

I like spending time with children; I don’t have any of my own yet. I wish I had kids to take to the park, or the markets, fetes, festivals, beaches, walks and children’s events around the city. I figure why wait, I like these kids so I will do those things with them.

Last Sunday, my best friend hosted a surprise party for her sister *Alice* and I was invited too.

I had to go straight from work to the party to avoid being too late. I was worried that when I got to the party that they would accidently yell “SURPRISE!” to me instead of the birthday girl if we arrived at the same time, like in the movie Big Daddy:



So I asked my friend when Alice would arrive at the party so I could come later or earlier so that it wouldn’t happen. Luckily for me, my friend informed me that the birthday girl would be at home and that she would think that they are having a small family dinner and she will get surprised by all the guests showing up.

I was the first person to show up at the party. There weren’t any other cars parked around so I wondered whether I had the right day. My friend told me that was Alice was sleeping and the kids were watching a movie in their room.

When the kids found out that I was at the party, I was sitting on the couch. Then I saw this blur of Rebecca sprinting to the kitchen and then she crept to the lounge room to scare me. I told her I saw her I could see her and Peter came into the room without any fuss.

I hadn’t seen the children in two or three years so they were much taller than when I last met them. Children grow up so fast and I thought it would awkward for them meeting me after some time had passed.  But luckily they were glad to see me and remembered me.

Alice was surprised when the other guests showed up. She was in her pyjamas but got changed when everyone started arriving. The other guests arrived about two minutes after me, the other guests were friends, work colleagues and relatives.

I had a nice chat with some of the guests, Alice’s uncle is a teacher so we discussed teaching in Australia and overseas.

The Rebecca and Peter are both lucky, they both have Nintendo 3D DSs and they showed me how to play on them. They showed me there books and we talked about school.

Overall it was a good night. Everyone was charming, funny and friendly. I asked Alice if I could take the kids out during the December school holidays to museums and children’s exhibits and such and she said it would be fine as she’ll be working.

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