Friday, 12 October 2012

A Walk to Remember

One of my goals is to watch the movies that have been on my movies list for a long time. My list refers to movies no longer in the cinemas, which were quite popular or critically acclaimed that I never watched.

I have wanted to watch this movie for some time and I finally did yesterday. I was a teenager when the movie first aired. I remember reading about Mandy Moore starring in her first movie role and watching the little segments and trailers about the movie. I didn’t want to watch the movie when it first came out because I wasn’t interested in watching a romance. However, I changed my mind over the years due to the praise that I heard from people about the movie. Frequently people have told me that apart from The Notebook, A Walk to Remember is their favourite romance film.

A Walk to Remember is a film adaption of the Nicholas Sparks’ novel A Walk to Remember. The film is about Landon Carter (Shane West) a popular teenager. He gets in a prank that goes wrong and must do community service to make amends. He becomes intrigued by Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) a fellow classmate who he has known since kindergarten but has never gotten to know. Jamie is a devout Christian who dresses dowdily and has a modest nature which the popular kids like to tease her about. Jamie isn’t bothered by what people think of her and that sparks some interest with Landon. Eventually the two fall in love.

What I liked about the movie was chemistry of the two characters. It’s a sweet love story without being too sappy. I’m glad that Jamie doesn’t undergo a fashion makeover like in so many other movies where there’s a frumpy girl who takes off her glasses and shakes out her hair to reveal a hot goddess.

The film does deal with the Christian faith but is not preachy. It’s a gentle film that families can watch. I give it 3/5.


  1. I love this story. It made me cry and felt emotional >.<


    1. yes it's quite a sweeet story, I want to watch it again.

  2. I have been wanting to watch this show for some time!!

    1. I hope you get to watch the movie and you enjoy it.


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