Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy Anniversary Jonny!

Thankyou Jon for being the best friend that a girl could ever have! Jon and I met on the internet 2 years ago. We've actually never met in real life but we get on so well.

As you would notice (unless this is your first time visiting this blog) I changed the layout. It's in celebration to our anniversary and I hope you all like it. Especially you Jon as it's your surprise.

And now for my next present to Jon, an ebook. We both sorta like cutesy humor so I often make books for the J Bear.

Jon's book


  1. I love the new site design and the e-book!=) Thank you so much Carlyn. There are a lot of jealous bears in the cybersphere about now. ;)

    1. YAYS!!! I'm happy that you liked it.

  2. Thank you Rosalinda! =) Carlyn is the best, isn't she?


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