Saturday, 15 December 2012

Are you richer or poorer this year, compared to last year?

11. spend/save [LIVE]: Are you richer or poorer this year, compared to last year?

I thought a lot about this question. At first I thought I was poorer because I spent more money this year. Or at least I think I spent more this year because I never kept a record of how much I spent last year. Then I considered that I am richer this year because I got a job and I didn’t have one last year.

I started to keep an accounts book of my spending this year because I wanted to see where all my money went. I wanted to know how much I spent on food, clothes, going out etc on a monthly scale.  I discovered that I spent most of my money on food mainly buying groceries, eating out in restaurants and buying take away foods.  It doesn’t bother me so much because most of my social interactions are around food but maybe I can spend a little less on it.  For instance, if I am about to go home from shopping, I might wait to eat at home rather than buy something.

I discovered that I don’t spend much on books. I shop around for the best deals on books, mainly buying from discount bookstores, second hand bookshops and Amazon. I figure that the books were going to get a little creased once I start reading them and getting a second hand book means someone already started it for you. You can find any new book at a charity shop or second hand book shop for a low price.
One of my goals for next year is that I would like to save more money. Next year will be my final year of university. I’m studying to be a teacher and I want to be able to go to a school anywhere I want. I particularly want to take a position in outback Australia so I need have a bit of cash saved up so I can afford to move there.  It’s always been a dream of mine, to teach around the world. I thought I would start in my own country, somewhere far away from what I know for adventure. Hopefully, when I go for my teacher interview next year, I will be hired to go to the outback.


  1. I'm poorer this year; I've always been careful about spending my money on books and clothes and other things but I just realized I've been spending too much on food, that's why my money is never enough. Oh, and red velvet is not particularly my favorite cake because I equally like every sweet cake :D

    1. Hi Prisilia, thanks for answering my question. I think most people spend a lot of money on food, mostly because they have a family to feed. In the case of bloggers, we like to go to nice restaurants and take pretty pictures of it for our blogs. The lucky bloggers get sponsored to review restaurants so get all their food for free.


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