Friday, 5 April 2013

Let it go

As I said many times before, my goal this year is take care of myself. I can be a bit of a control freak. I am a planner and I think things should be done a certain way. A part of how I can take care of myself, is let people solve their own problems or do it their own way. For instance, I have a younger brother who is very carefree and easygoing. He likes to make things up as he goes along. There have been two occasions where he has invited me to a new place only to end up with us lost. It starts off fine, with us walking along a path but after a few wrong turns he’ll turn sheepishly to me and admit that he only thought he knew how to get there and had never visited the place before. Prior to the outings, I would ask him how to get there, what we would need etc and he shoo me away and say he knew the place well and how to get there and go away Carlyn.

He has recently graduated from university. Universities usually give you two copies of your degree. One is for your portfolio and the other you can frame. I told my brother that he should buy a good frame for his degree. Usually on graduation, there is a framer onsite and you can get your degree framed straight away.  But he told me that he already had a good frame. I was surprised that he had been so organized, it was out of character but I decided to not follow it up as I remembered my goal.  You know where his good frame came from? Crazy Clarks- a discount store and it cost 2 dollars! When I saw it, I was like OMG you’ve got to be kidding me. But I looked on the bright side. At least it wasn’t left on his desk, next to his dirty dishes and empty cups. Bravo little bro for actually framing it.
You know what old me would have done instead? I would have sneakily bought a frame, waited till my bro was out and put his degree into the nice frame. Perhaps I would have even stolen the degree and taken it to the frame store. But I'm not doing those kinds of stunts this year.
I found this test Are you a control Freak and I got a score of 32 which means I have control issues but am not up to control freak levels.  My control issues is what I need to work on this year. It's hard to balance when to say something and when not too.

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