Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May movie nights

I started this month broke as I spent all my money on my prac. I also took leave from work during prac so I wasn’t making an income. I am working again and finally have some money! However, I’m going to save my money because you should always have a little bit saved away just in case.

Despite my budgeting, I plan to visit my non uni friends. My life revolves around study, family and work so normally I don’t get to visit my friends outside of those realms. I still keep in contact with people on Facebook but I would like to reunite with them on a face to face level.

The trouble is that everyone is so busy. I’m busy too. I have assignments to do and work to go to. My friends have 9 to 5 jobs so we’re not quite in alignment when it comes to our free time. Yes, I know there’s the weekend but I work on the weekends. Anyhoo, I’m sure I can find a day where we will be available. I might not be able to get a bunch of people together but I will settle for one or two of them rather than none.

I’m not going to do anything fancy. I’m going to invite people over for a movie night at my house. There’ll be pizza and popcorn- YAYS. Maybe we could do a movie or tv show marathon, I have several box sets.


  1. Nice of you to host despite your busy schedule. HAVE FUN!

  2. YAY popcorn! I like mine with extra butter please. Also I like my own bowl if it can be managed, that way I don’t have other people’s hands on my popcorn. >.< I hope you have some good movie ideas for movie night Carlyn. =)


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