Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June: Time to make decisions


If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know that I am studying to be a teacher. If I pass everything this year, I get to graduate. So I have to get my things in order. I have to organize for an internship, prepare my portfolio, apply to register as a teacher and apply to Education Queensland. Oh and pass everything and graduate too!
At the moment, I have to fill out a form for Education Queensland. Education Queensland is the government department which hires teachers for public schools. I have a form to fill which asks the basic stuff such as personal details and skills. But I’m not worried about that section. There’s another part to the form that I have to really think about. I have to list my location preferences for where I want to work.
Everyone wants to work in Brisbane so it’s very hard to get a job offer there. It’s not just my cohort, but all the other graduates from the other unis that would love to work in Brisbane. Graduates are more likely to get a permanent job if they move further out into the countryside. I don’t mind moving out at all as I have always seen teaching as a way to travel the world. There’s always teaching jobs available anywhere in the world if you are able to travel. I’m a single person and I have no attachments, I thought I might as well travel while I’m young. I’ve never been to the rural parts of Australia so I would really love to explore it. I’m also interested in learning the differences between rural and metropolitan schools.
I’ve been researching on all location preferences available, looking at the schools, towns and attractions. So far, I have researched the Torres Strait Island, which is a little island near the top of Queensland. It consists of 274 islands but only 14 are inhabited. It’s a nice tropical group of islands, where the locals mainly have businesses in fishing, pearling and tourism.  Also there are beaches, interesting plant and animal life.

If I did teach in a rural location, I would miss my friends and family. I would also miss the entertainment that I am use to, like having variety in shopping and going to the movies. I’m sure I will like being out in the wilderness although I don’t know whether that would wear off. I guess I will have to make my own fun when I’m out there and get involved in the community.  

I don’t know where I will be next year. I could be here:

Or here

Or here


  1. OMG! They're going to leave you on a roadside???

    Okay, you can hit me now. >.<

    actually I'm not sure if there are three pictures, but the two I am able to see, the one with the windmill and along the pristine shoreline, both look like they have adventure potential for when you are not teaching. Would you have long breaks like the United States does during our Summer Time to go visit your family Carlyn? If that is the case, then that's not too bad a scenario. =)

    1. *bops Jon Bear on the head*

      No there are only two examples of where I could be, the first picture is Ipswich which is semi-rural and the other of Cairns which is in Northern Queensland, it's a tropical area. There are three links because I had to credit where I got the Torres Strait Island map from.
      *hits bear again* You should have worked that out.

      During the summer, I can fly back home to be with my family as well as any other school holiday.

  2. That second photo looks GORGEOUS! WOW. I'd be jealous. ;)

    Best of luck with all these new prospects. :)


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