Saturday, 20 July 2013

July: Movie World!

Last week, my family and I went to Movie World and Sea World. We got VIP passes that allow unlimited admission into Movie World, Sea World and Wet N Wild. My brothers and I were lucky to purchase VIP passes for $80, which is the discounted price for the low winter season. The normal price during peak season is $109. My oldest brother really wanted to end the school holidays on a high note so he was the one that bought the tickets. Thanks Bro!

Warner Brothers Movie World is a small amusement park compared to world standards. The theme of the park is Warner Brothers movies such as Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern, as well as the Loony tunes cartoons. There’s something for everyone at movie world with rollercoasters, rides for the kiddies, costumed heroes and cartoon mascots walking around.

As a giant chicken, I didn’t go on any of the rollercoasters.
 I don’t enjoy thrill rides at all and I think the best part of being on one is when it’s over.  Don’t worry though, I always have a good time at amusement parks, there’s always interesting things to look at, gift shops, gentler rides and good food.
I didn’t take any photos of the day, as my family and I are cursed when it comes to cameras. All the cameras we have owned only last up to two years, they always have something wrong with them. We’ve bought expensive cameras too but they all end the same way. I did some buy some postcards which you can see in this post.

I haven’t been to Movie World since 2007 or so and it has changed a little bit. For one thing, Main Street where all the gift shops, mascots and food stores is entirely shaded which is a good thing so that people have relief when it’s a hot day or it’s raining. The gift shops are pretty good, they all have different themes and are located near all the rides, for example, there’s a Superman gift shop and a Batman one. There’s a Harry Potter gift shop too which looks just like a store from Diagon Alley. All the gift shops have the typical stuff you would find, like mugs, t-shirts, magnets and stationery and all of it overpriced. I wouldn’t say ridiculously expensive, just a dollar or two more. I recommend getting the show bags which has a little bit of everything in it.

The food is okay but I wish there was more variety. There are hotdog stands, ice cream vendors and drink carts located throughout the park so you never have to queue for long. There’s also an all you eat buffet called Rick’s CafĂ© (like the one in Casablanca) in the park, a burger joint, coffee house and ice creamy. But if you don’t want to eat burgers, ice creams and hotdogs there’s nothing else which is what I meant by the lack of variety.

Overall a good trip.

So what’s your favourite amusement park?



  1. Movie World sounds fun! I is a jealous bear! >.<

    My favorite amusement park would be Walt Disney World, which I have been to three times now when I was 6 years old, 9 years old, and last year when I was 36 years old. I think part of the allure of Disney World plays into that, but the variety of rides, shows and amusement is what sets it apart. I truly enjoyed Universal Studios last year too, but I did not get to see all of it. If the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and The Animal Kingdom are considered separate parks then it would be a tight race between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but I think Epcot edges it out ftw. Outside of Disney, I would say that King's Dominion in Virginia is the best amusement park I have been to. I loved the different kinds of roller coasters they had there. I am a chicken too, but I still ride the roller coasters any way. >.<

    1. Hiyo Jon, I would like to go to Disney World one day. Do you enjoy going on the rollercoasters or do you go on because of peer pressure?


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