Thursday, 1 August 2013

August: Why I want to be a teacher

I have always loved school. I am not a particularly bright student to tell you the truth. I get average grades with the occasional good grade thrown in. Most of the time I do try my best in my studies but I don’t go out of my way to be the best student.

I’ve had all sorts of teachers but I mostly remember the good ones. I think I have had a lot of good ones. I still remember lots of things that they taught me and I believe the teachers went out of their way to provide a safe and nurturing environment for us all. I had a lot of favourite teachers and I hope one day that I am someone’s favourite teacher too.
My favourite teachers were Miss Babic and Mrs Kehoe. Mrs Kehoe was my grade five teacher and she team taught with Miss Babic. Team teaching is where two teachers teach their classes together or they alternate between teaching different subjects. For example, one teacher might teach both classes English and other one teaches maths.

They were always enthusiastic about what they taught and tried to make learning fun and hands on. When we learnt about advertising, they had us test out different household products, testing on the durability and the price. We did a big unit on The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and Miss Babic drew a beautiful Dr. Suess inspired mural. We did a role play of the characters in the book.

The other aspect that I enjoyed about school was recess. I loved running around with my friends, playing tag or singing clapping songs and hanging out on the playground. There wasn’t a bully who terrorised the playground so I always had a good time at recess.

The reason why I want to be a teacher is that I want children to be able to look back at their schooling and have happy memories. I want them to remember what I taught them and for it to be useful in their life. I want to provide the students with opportunities to make friends, introduce them to new ideas and concepts, expose them to the things that are happening in their community and the world.  

Lastly, I like children so that’s why I want to teach them. I think of them as their own species, they are these short little people so different from adults. Children are funny, entertaining and cute. Sure, sometimes they are brats and there are days when I hate kids. But it’s not enough for me to quit wanting to be a teacher.

So what job do you have? Or what do/did you want do when you grew up?  


  1. I always remember my 2nd grade teacher, she's so pretty and had a beautiful voice. Teaching is a great profession I think. It's a huge privilege too, being able to make a difference on the children's lives.

    I've always wanted to be a teacher too. I was able to teach for a semester in my college once. But I think I was too young and didn't continue the next sem. It's tough being a female college teacher in my field (information technology). about 80% of my students are guys and some of them are even older than me. I realized I needed more experience. I did quit but I'm planning to go back to it someday.

    1. Wow I didn't know you did some teaching. I've never taught the older grades before so I don't really know how to relate to them and what motivates them. I hope you do go back to teaching IT and that you find it rewarding.

  2. lle: I actually went to graduate school for Information Technology specializing in Library and Archival Studies. We had several female teachers in our school, but not just in my field of specialization (which did tend to have a bit more of a female demographic than other areas of IT).

    If you really enjoyed it I hope, like Carlyn, that you will give it another try. Especially in fields where there are not a lot of female teachers it is important for future female students to see someone they can admire that holds a job they can aspire to. You could be that person who inspires other female IT students.

    Carlyn: I had a lot of teachers I was very fond of as well. I think my favorites were in middle school. Mr. Hurley my history professor and Mr. Luzzi my English professor. When I went to college I went as an History Major with an English Minor. In college, Doctor Donald Housely and Dr. Ron Granieri were my two favorite professors.


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