Saturday, 12 October 2013

Carlyn Girl's Diary: Outback Spectacular

I went to Outback Spectacular on my birthday with my brother Paul. Outback Specular is a dinner theatre show where you get a three course meal and a horse show. The show changes every so often and the latest show was Spirit of the Horse: with a tribute to Phar Lap.

There was already a big crowd when we arrived at Outback Spectacular. It was mostly big families and tourists. When the door opened, we were ushered into a foyer which was big enough to host functions by itself. There was a gift shop, dance floor, tables and benches along the wall. Guests could take photos with some of the star animals such as the horses and dogs. There were also photo walls where guests could get a professional photo taken with a ranch backdrop. My brother is a camho so he took all the photo opportunities and I had a photo take too.

There was a singer too to keep guests entertained. He sung well known Australian and country songs. Afterwards, we were all asked to enter the arena via two doors. We were given free cowboy hats when we first arrived and they either had a red or yellow band. The yellow bands went through door A and the others went to door B.

Nobody was allowed to take photos while the show was on as it might spook the horses. The show as fun, definitely good old fashioned family entertainment. There were jokes, songs, stunt riding and plenty of audience interaction. Call me childish but one of my favourite parts of the show was when a man came riding out singing a song to start off the show. I don’t remember what it was about, something about being in the country and with friends. The horse lifted its tail and pooped. That was pretty funny to me. The guy didn’t miss a beat and just rode to the next spot.

The food was a bit bland but good enough. It was well presented and reached the table hot. The servers were efficient moving from row to row quietly and quickly. Sometimes I forgot to watch the show and watched the servers doing their work. We also had servers coming through the rows to top up drinks.

Overall a good night out. I think Outback Spectacular is excellent for big family gatherings. There are discounts for booking for ten people or more and pensioners get a discount too. I think children will love the horses and stunt riding.
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  1. Carlyn, do you think that perhaps venues that offer both a show and a dining experience together skimp a little on food quality because they expect that the main focus or attraction is the show and not the food?


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