Sunday, 17 November 2013

Carlyn Girl's Diary: My studies are over!

I have been away from blogging for almost a month due to my studies. I finally finished my internship and my assessments. So once my academic results are released, I will be done with university. I will have my Bachelor of Education and be a qualified teacher. I feel like a retiree as have so much free time now. I have been studying for four years and when I wasn’t studying, I was thinking about what I needed to study next. Now I don’t have to do that anymore.

I learnt a lot from being on internship. The kids were like the disruptive class you see on TV or in the movies. They were rowdy, streetwise and rude but underneath they were just kids. Underneath they had a level of goodness in them. I think all they wanted was someone to love and care for them. The children were from poor backgrounds and some suffered from neglect and poverty.  They were very frustrating at times and some days were chaotic.

 It wasn’t all bad though, we had great class discussions and activities where the children were engaged with their learning. We laughed together and had fun. I think we came to like and respect each other during my internship. I also feel that after having that class, I can teach any class!
When it was time for me leave, I got hugs and thank yous from the students. The most surprising one came from the class clown who sincerely thanked and hugged me. I was very surprised by that one and awkwardly patted him on the back in return. I have visited that class twice now and they are always pleased to see me.

The children will be going to high school next year. While I was interning, I wondered what they would be like in high school.  There was one sassy girl in the class that I know will be a handful in high school. I think she will be in constant battles with the teachers. She’s a smart cookie so she will be fine academically but I think she be distracted by new friends and boyfriends. She’s a good kid at heart but she can test the boundaries. One of the boys is built like an ox and he’s currently being scouted by all the private schools. He is good at any ball sport and he’s smart so he’s got a good future ahead of him.

I can’t believe my studies are over. I keep checking my email to see whether there’s been some mistake. I keep thinking there will be a phone call from one of the lecturers telling me that I haven’t passed a course. Fortunately that hasn’t happened and I remind myself not to be so paranoid. I have the summer to relax before I have to find a job so life is good.



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