Sunday, 19 January 2014

Home makeover

My family and have been living in our home for thirteen years. When we first moved in the house was freshly painted, the carpet had been replaced and everything was spick and span. We bought the house from a family friend who hastily made the house over as a condition to buying the house.

Thirteen years later and the house has become a little run down. The paint job was fading, peeling and there are scuff marks from where furniture has been moved and little holes from posters and pictures.  So my parents decided that they had enough and decided that we needed a house makeover.
We chose a cream colour to go on all the living areas and a grey purplish colour for all the skirting boards. At first it was only dad who was painting the house and he complained that he had a sore back from doing all the work. We got exasperated by that remark and reminded him that he had insisted that he could do it all himself. He was convinced that if he let anyone else paint, it would turn out wrong. However, he stopped being stubborn and we all helped to paint the rooms. It got the job done much quicker. It took two weeks to finish all the living rooms. I think the house reflects more of our personality now.

We didn’t get any time to paint the laundry, bathrooms or bedrooms but we hope to do that the next holidays. We also need to add some decorations to the rooms so the makeover is not quite done yet. I will post up some before and after pictures when the makeover is complete.  


  1. When the bedrooms are made over does each family member get to pick what color paint and what decor they want for their rooms? Or will your parents decide that? I think that painting rooms new colors and changing around the arrangement or furniture or getting rid of old furniture and getting new furniture brings a fresh excitement to a living space. I hope everyone is pleased with the changes.

    1. Yes each member can pick what colour they want for their bedrooms. We're not changing the furniture though. We got rid of a lot of junk from our rooms in preparation for the paint job. I'm still thinking about what colour to paint my room. I might go for a rose pink colour but I keep changing my mind all the time.


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