Sunday, 13 April 2014

Term One over

As I work in the Education industry my life is governed by the school calendar. Term one is over and now it’s the school holidays. I get a holiday for two weeks which was not a moment too soon as I need a break from kids. I enjoy working with children but I have my limits as well. There are days where I resent their behaviour but I try to remember I was exactly the same at their age.
I mostly do day trips and hang out at home during holidays. So far, I went hiking (spent two hours terribly lost), shopping, watched The Lego Movie, went to a teaching conference, saw the new exhibits at the Queensland Museum and washed my family’s cars. I hope to watch some more movies next week, particularly the new Spider Man 2, Captain America 2, Sherman and Mr Peabody and Divergent.

I also hope to explore more of Queensland as I have still not seen it all. I don’t have any money to travel far so I plan to see lesser known museums, go out with my friends and go to any cultural event happening in the city.
Recent hiking trip White Rock Conservation Estate 

I am still looking for a teaching job. So far I have an interview this Wednesday for a teaching position. It would be nice if I got it. There aren’t many jobs being advertised because it is the school holidays. I’ve been job hunting since last year and I think most of the positions are for early childhood teachers. I am not qualified to teach early childhood (ages 3-5) because I didn’t specialise in it. If I don’t get the new job, I’ll go ahead with further study to be an early childhood teacher. I try to keep in mind that it’s normal to have a lot of rejections before success. 


  1. Are a lot of the museums in Queensland free Carlyn? One of the great things about most of the public museums in the United States that I've been to is that they are free or only require a small entrance fee. Sometimes the museums may have a special exhibit you might have to pay to see, but for the most part they do not cost a dime and I think I should take advantage of going to them more often than I do. I hope that your interview went well and you get a job soon Carlyn. No matter what, keep plugging away at it.

    When my best friend ended up not getting a job he had really wanted and applied to 3 times he was a bit sad. He kept applying to different jobs. The job he did not get would have taken him to Washington, DC or elsewhere. The job he eventually got kept him here in New York. During that time he finished earning his degree and he met his eventual wife. So the process was long but some really wonderful things came out of something that didn't go quite as he had hoped for originally. I know when you find the right spot and get that job you'll be a great teacher, and who knows, it may even create opportunities in your life that you did not anticipate at this time. =)

    1. Yes there are quite a few museums in Queensland. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there were many little museums around Brisbane that I never knew about. They are mainly private ones that have been set up by people with a large collection of things such as a motorcycle museum or doll museum One of the joys of living in a big city is that there are always new places to enjoy.

      I will try to keep in mind that I will eventually get the right job. I wish it were sooner rather than later though!


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