Friday, 2 May 2014

2. Meaning of your blog name?

To me, the real meaning of our blog name can not be fully explained without looking at it's origins.  When I thought back to the origins of our blog name it actually had something of a background story to it.  Carlyn and I met on the website on December 2, 2010 in the chat room not long after the forerunner had become defunct.  The owner of that site failed to get back to the site moderators on a lot of things so in November of 2010 one of the moderators started the new site under almost the same exact name.  I had been a member of the old site for around 8 months, having joined after I finally buckled to the Harry Potter movement and started reading the books and watching the movies.  I'm not exactly sure how long Carlyn was a member of the old site, but I believe that she was a member for (several months and possibly over a year) longer than I had been.  I can not completely vouch for Carlyn's reasons for having joined the site, but I know she is quite into fashion and I imagine she had something of a respect for Emma Watson's blossoming fashion career.  Her user name was not Carlyn and mine was not Jon Bear on the old site.   We actually never spoke once with one another on the old site.  I pretty much frequented only the Shippers forums and the Games section.  Carlyn I believe posted primarily in the fashion discussions.

I think the chat room section of the forum existed under it's original manifestation, but I for one had never noticed it or used it.  I noticed the option for a chat room the first day I joined the new site and spent a lot of time trying to get to know some of the members better.  Carlyn and I had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit from our conversations in the chat room.  One day I had posted a picture of myself on the's post pictures of yourself thread.  It's always easy for me to grow a full head of hair and when it gets a little bit long it starts to get a bit wavy.  I was in a period too, where I liked to grow a goatee quite often.  One of our friend's on the site, Kimberley mentioned that I looked a bit like a bear.  Carlyn agreed with Kimberley and I kind of embraced being called a bear, later posting a picture of myself in a hoodie next to a little stuffed bear wearing a hoodie.

Carlyn had changed her username from Anna A. on the old site to Carlyn Brody on the new site.  When we first disgussed the idea of starting a blog together, just short of having known one another for one full year, we figured we wanted a simple blog title.  Carlyn had recently started drawing her Jon Bear cartoons and sending them to me both through PDF attachments or through the mail.  We knew topically that we wanted a blog centered around self improvement.  Somewhere we could create a few attainable goals and discuss our pursuit and achievement of those goals.  I should mention too that the blog was Carlyn's idea, which she first brought up to me.  It took a little coaxing on her part, as this was my first ever (and remains my only) venture into the blog-o-sphere.  Once I agreed with a small bit of trepidatioin and discussed what the blog should be named we wanted a name that was direct and to the point regarding the blog's purpose.  Thus the genesis for the idea forJon Bear and Carlyn Girl's small adventures. 

It's actually kind of fun for me to reflect on the meaning of our blog name.  It brings back a lot of fond memories of how Carlyn and I first met and first became friends.

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