Friday, 9 May 2014

. 9. (Women) what is in your purse?

I’m a simple lady so I only have one purse or wallet. I know handbags are also called purses by some but in this context, I am talking about a wallet.  In my purse I have $125 dollars in cash for Friday as I am going out to dinner with my friends. We’re going to be celebrating my graduation which will be happening on Saturday. We’re going to a Turkish restaruant somewhere in Brisbane. None of my friends are Turkish so it will be a treat to eat something new. We’ve all had Turkish food and we really enjoyed our past experiences so we’re eager for more. I’m looking forward to eating a pide which is like a pastry or pie or a shish kebab of some sort. As it will be a Friday night, it certainly will be a festive evening with music and laughter as everyone celebrates the end of the working day.

I also have some old ATM slips from a few weeks ago. I don’t really have much in the bank at the moment but I also get paid on Friday. I have other things to pay for as well. I’m also paying for lunch with my family on graduation day and for professional photos. There will be a professional photographer for the graduates and I’m hoping to get a picture of myself and also one with my family. I’m going to send some of the photos to my grandma because she likes to put all her grandchildren’s milestones on her wall.

I also have $6.25 in coins. I usually have a coins for small things like vending machine foods and train tickets. I usually empty out my coins to avoid my purse from getting too heavy. Other than money, I also have bank cards, various identification such as my student ID and license as well as some loyalty cards to various stores. 


  1. Congrats on your graduation, Carlyn! I'm excited for all the great things that are going to come your way as you venture into the next chapter of your life :)

    I've never tried Turkish food before, I actually don't know much about it at all! But from what you said about it it does sound very tasty and exotic. Maybe you could blog about it and share some photos of the dishes, I would definitely love to see them!

    Regardless of that, I hope you and your friends had a lovely time celebrating!



    1. Thanks Renae! I just had my graduation today and it was a wonderful day. It was really surreal and memorable. The Turkish food was great,the portions were very big but the dishes are meant for sharing. We had entertainment too, a belly dancer came out to entertain us. It was a very festive night.


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