Tuesday, 8 July 2014

FIFA World Cup Semi Final Match Ups

The semi finals are now wet with Brazil, Germany, Argentia and Netherlands advancing out of the last round.  I finished 2-2 in the last round as my hope for Colombia and France faded in two closly contested match ups against Brazil and Germany.

First Semi Final: Brazil v. Germany

The big controversy of the World Cup to this point had been Luis Suarez's affinity for biting opponents but that was trumped in the Colombia v Brazil match when National Hero,  Neymar broke a bone in his back after having been kneed in there by a Colombian player.  Leave it to the Sports world to provide the best reality dramas on t.v. today.  Will Brazil collapse without their Super Striker?  Or will the team find inspiration and relief do to lowered expectations and surge into the finals by defeating a German team that became the first team in World Cup history to reach the semi finals four World Cup tournaments in a row?

I like the way both teams have played.  I just wonder if Brazil will lose their flare and lose heart without Neymar.  I think this game really hinges on the first half.  If Brazil is even or ahead at the half I don't see them losing to Germany.  The confidene gained with a first half lead  or goal less tie will be enough as the home crowd carries them the rest of the way.   If Germany can score an early goal then I think we might see the Brazilians succumb to the stresses that have weighed upon them for a good deal of the tournament and lose by 2 or 3 goals. 

Prediction: Germany 2 Brazil 0

I think that the loss of Neymar is too much to overcome against a solid and experienced German team that has been here often and will not feel the pressure that Brazil will in front of its home crowd with a berth in the World Cup Finals at stake.

Second Semi Final: Argentina v. The Netherlands

The Netherlands were a finalist last World Cup and have a talented group of players who are chomping at the bit to get back to the finals and bring home the countries first World Cup championship.  They have several accomoplished players who can put the ball in the back of the net of their opposition.  I think that the number of dangerous offensive players on the Netherlands team gives them an edge over Argentina.

Argentina has the best player on the planet though in Lionel Messi and virtually every goal that the team has scored this tournament has been directly off the foot of Messi or an assist from Messi to one of the other Argentinians.  Messi's importance can not be understated.  Can the Neterlands come up with a game plan to keep him in check and force the other Argentinian footballers to step up?  Will Argetina be lifted on the capable shoulders of Messi Dependence and complete the much anticipated Brazil v Argentina final so many were hoping for?

Prediction: Argentina 2 Netherlands 3

I think that what has been a high scoring tournament thus far will prove to carry out to form in this semi finals match up.   Messi will have an impact as he has all tournament long but that the Netherlands talent up front will provide just enough fire power to counter Messi's star power and get them a return visit to the World Cup Finals.  The Netherlands will then have their eyes and hearts set on the country's first World Championship in a battle against Germany.  The all Euro final may disapoint the South American fans but fate struck a cruel blow to the Brazilians chances and Argentina will need to depend on someone else to step up alongside Messi if they hope to add a 3rd World title to their ledger.  

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