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Violet and Daisy (Film) 2011

Violet and Daisy is a 2011 action film starring Alexis Bledel as Violet and Saoirise Ronan as Daisy. The two are teenaged assassins who work for a local crime boss in New York. Despite their deadly dealings, the girls are like regular teenagers, they like to giggle, goof off and fangirl their favourite celebrity. Everything goes wrong when they decide to accept a job killing a man (James Gandolfini) who stole from the boss. They were assured it would be an easy job and it is because the man wants to die. The girls are perplexed by the man’s wish and find it hard to kill a man who is a willing subject.

So Violet and Daisy decide they can’t kill the man until they know why he wants to die.  Meanwhile, other assassins show up which complicates matters since the girls won’t get paid if someone else kills him. They have to kill him otherwise they won’t be able to afford the designer dresses they had their eyes on.
Alexis Bledel was thirty when she played this role but she still looked around the same age as Saoirise Ronan who as seventeen at the time.I didn’t really believe that they were teenagers in the film. I always thought of them as adults playing at being teenagers like in the movie Grease. I thought the language that Violet and Daisy used didn’t seem like something teenagers would say. For example, “Hey mister, do you mind if I smoke?” and I thought what teenagers calls someone mister?
Saoirise as Daisy
Violet and Daisy have times when they conduct themselves professionally but still have huge lapses of judgment to show their teenage naivety. I just found that hard to believe that they would fall asleep while waiting for their victims or not bring any extra ammo. The girls are supposed to be very experienced but they make such rookie mistakes.
The film is violent kinda like Kill Bill so expect blood with a bit black humour thrown in. The girls are quirky and Violet seems to be a sociopath according to the way she behaves in the film. I got a little squeamish at what the girls call the “Internal bleeding dance” that’s a grossest thing I have seen in a while. It’s not that bad but I hate blood and gore so it was awful for me.
Alexis Bledel as Violet 
I am a fan of Alexis Bledel and Saoirise Ronan so I found it to be a blessing that they were both in the same film. I liked how the girls were business like and cold hearted when working but funny and girly when off duty. The film left me wanting more as had so many things left unanswered. I wanted to know more about their backgrounds such as why they became assassins, how did they meet etc.

This is a movie is suitable for people who like indie action movies or want to see teenagers killing other people. It’s not fast paced and there’s not really much killing going on. The girls take quite some time talking to their willing victim.  It’s more a dramatic movie with a bit of death. 

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  1. It's interesting that the girls are both named after flowers. I suppose it's the irony behind their violent natures. It seems like the kind of movie that the Coen brothers would make or like a female Reservoir Dogs. I am not a huge guts and gore fan when it comes to movies. I'm not a prude about violent films, but they have to have a really good story line as it takes more than guns, violence and noise to attract my movie budget dollars.


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