Monday, 4 August 2014

Entertainment Monday: Bonnie Anderson (August 8th, 2014)

Bonnie Anderson won the first Australia’s Got Talent in 2012 with her beautiful voice. 

Many thought that soon after the competition she would start a singing career but she did not. Her family decided that she would focus on enjoying her childhood. I think that it was an admirable decision and quite unusual. I think it also shows the faith they have in Bonnie’s talent to breakthrough when she is ready. At the age of nineteen, Bonnie is back in the spotlight to start her music career. Here are two of her songs so far:

Raise the Bar (2013)

Raise the Bar is Bonnie’s debut single. I like it because a fun summer song and makes me think about being young and hanging out with friends during the school holidays.

Blackout (2014)

Blackout  has a more edgy club sound. Bonnie is fierce in a black cat suit and plays a femme fatale in the video clip. Personally I don’t like this clip as much as Raise the Bar. I think she’s trying a little too hard on this one and it’s not very original.

I hope to see more of her music and it seems that she’s still in the experimenting stage of her music career. Usually I get a feeling about who will breakthrough in music but I’m not sure about Bonnie. Her songs haven’t done so well in the music charts but not all artists have instant success with their first singles.  Australian artist Delta Goodrem, didn’t have much luck with her first song I don’t care but her second attempt Born to Try was a huge hit. 

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