Monday, 29 September 2014

Entertainment Monday: Nico & Vinz (29 September 2014)

I was instantly hooked to Nico and Vinz’s song Am I wrong when I first heard it on the radio. The song eventually went up to number 2 on the Australian music charts so I’ve since heard it many times afterwards. I just thought the song would be really good for a dance routine for children and teenagers. I’m a teacher and I constantly think of things that would be good for children. I think a school choir could sing this song too. The song is upbeat and has a positive message of going after your dreams even when people try to discourage you.

I recently saw Nico & Vinz perform on Ellen and I thought they performed really well. I like their enthusiastic dancing and singing.  I was surprised to learn that the duo are Norwegian. I didn’t know what they looked like when I first heard their song but I thought they must be American because most of the top songs come from America. 

 One interesting fact that I learnt about them is that Nico & Vinz use to be known as Envy. They released their song last year in their native country, as well as Sweden, Finland and Denmark and their song went to number one. I think that Nico & Vinz sounds better than Envy which sounds  generic and conceited.


  1. I love this song as well! I think it is done wonderfully and it is great to listen to. I think I have found some new singers I like <3

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed my song selection. Jon and I blog about music and movies every Monday so if you read a few of them, you might find some more things that you like.


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