Sunday, 14 September 2014

Father's Day

On Father’s Day my family and I decided to go to an All You Can Eat Restaurant near our home. My dad is a fussy eater so we thought it best to go to a place where he would have variety of things to eat. He’s a miser who hates it when we spend money but he tolerates it on special occasions.

I think that song describes my dad so well. He’s a grumpy man but we never take his grumps too seriously. In fact, we tease him about it all the time and he can laugh at himself too. He hams up his old man act too.

We all enjoyed our time at the restaurant. Dad ate a plate of mussels as well as some seafood. He had a big pile of food and was still eating it when everyone else had moved onto their second or third plate. My food strategy this time was only to take the smallest serving of everything so I could sample everything.
If my dad was a cat, he'd be Grumpy Cat
At the end of the evening, I decided to fill out one of those comments and suggestion sheets that restaurants sometimes leave out. I gave the restaurant a 5/5 for service, cleanliness and food.  My mum added a cat drawing too, no reason really, she just likes cats. My dad filled out his own sheet but he gave the restaurant 2/5 because he says he had better. He’s one of those people where back in his day, everything was better


  1. This reminds me of my canadian uncle too but he's not grumpy. Though he's a fussy eater and thrifty. ^_^ I miss him already. Happy father's day!

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed my post. It's interesting to know that we all know a man like this.


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