Monday, 20 October 2014

Entertainment Monday: Broods (Monday October 20, 2014)

Broods is a brother/sister music group from New Zealand.  Georgia Nott is the lead singer and her older brother Caleb Nott does instrumentals and back up singing.  I think they have a nice sound.  I like Georgia's voice, but mostly I like the group for their lyrics as much as their sound. 
I think it's interesting that they come from a family of musicians and have other siblings and yet have achieved success as a duo separate from their other family members.  So often it seems when you hear about a successful music family the entire family is somehow involved with the music or linked to fame in some way.  Especially when all are musically inclined, as Georgia and Caleb's siblings are.  I most often think of the Jackson 5 and Nelson (even though sister Tracey who was an actress was not part of that band) and Hansen when I think of family bands that have attained fame for their musical exploits.  As far as the Jacksons and Nelsons were concerned, several other family members were famous either prior to or after those bands achieved fame.

I have heard Georgia in an interview on a radio station before and she seems very down to earth and easy going.  It's hard to really "know" anyone from small snippets of an interview, but I got the impression that early fame has not gotten to her or her brothers heads.  Hopefully they'll be able to enjoy continued success and keep that same down to earth and humble nature. 

One of Broods first songs to get radio play here on Alternative radio in the United States is Bridges

Another of their songs which I enjoy listening to very much is Mother and Father.  I have a soft spot for songs that are about family, and Mother and Father relates nicely to the difficulties many of us face when we leave the safety and comfort of our family and try to make a life away from them.

As Broods is still a very new group it will be interesting to follow their path.  Will they have sustained success?  Will their spotlight be brief?  I certainly believe Caleb and Georgia possess the talent to have a long successful career with a devoted following.  I have not yet heard a song where Caleb's vocals are featured, and I think it would be cool if they choose to do that at some point.  I always like when bands push the envelope a little on their "sound" and try new things.  Those experiments sometimes alienate loyal fans, but I think that mostly happens when a band has already been around a long time and wants to explore a new sound. Broods is still new enough to dabble in that without hurting their burgeoning fan base I think?  Even though I suppose when a group is just beginning to have success they might want to stick with what they know works for a bit before changing things up.


  1. Oh, this is cool! I hadn't heard of Broods before this, but after listening to Bridges, I think I might be a new fan. I love electro/pop songs like these. And I agree -- it's impressive how the two of them, out of an entire family of musical talent, managed to achieve so much by themselves. I definitely hope they'll continue sticking around in the spotlight, because they've got loads of potential.

    Thanks for sharing, Jon!

    1. While I know not everyone will enjoy all the bands/music I post it makes me feel good to hear back that you enjoyed listening to the clips posted Megan. While the artists certainly deserve all the credit for their music, it's fun for me to try and bring new fans to some of the bands I enjoy so much. =)

  2. I had not heard of the Broods either as well. What an unusual name for the band. I like Georgia's breathy voice.

    1. I agree with both your comments Carlyn. I kind of wonder if Broods is supposed to be a reflection of the bands "sound" or if that is just me projecting the bands name upon their music out of lazy convenience. =/


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