Monday, 24 November 2014

Entertainment Monday: Chris Hadfield (Monday 24 November, 2014)

Chris Hadfield’s rendition of David Bowie’s song, Space Oddity was the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Space Oddity is a song that David Bowie wrote in 1969 and is about a fictional astronaut called Major Tom.  1969 was the year of the moon landing and the space race between Russia and America inspired a lot of artists during that time.
In 2013, Chris Hadfield was an astronaut working on the International Space Station. He recorded a cover of Space Oddity while in space which lead him to become a YouTube sensation and reawakening the interest in space travel.
The music clip shows real footage of the International Space Station and Earth. It is beautiful to look at and a reminder of the fragility of life.

I’m a newly graduated elementary school teacher and I can see how I can use this music clip as an introduction to learning about space. Space is always on the science curriculum no matter how many times the government changes the curriculum. I hope to spark curiosity in my students as curiosity helps the learning process.   

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  1. The Chris Hadfield video is awesome! Such a cool thing to do. He has a good bit of talent too. I wish he would also have done Peter Schilling's Major Tom, which, while it may be blasphemy to some, to me, is as much a classic as Bowie's original Space Oddity. Major Tom -


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