Thursday, 22 January 2015

Blogs of the Month: January 2015

Carlyn: The blog that I pick this month is Pudding Fancy by Renae. Renae writes about her life and interests. What I like about Pudding Fancy is that Renae’s kind and funny personality shows in her blog posts. She has enthusiasm for the simple things in life such as enjoying time with friends and enjoying delicious meals. I’m always hungry after reading her food posts as she appears to enjoy her food very much. I also like reading about her current obsessions about kpop or games which I find to be amusing, cute and a little worrying considering the time placed on such obsessions but who wasn’t that way at that age?

*nom nom* --- Jon Bear nosily eating yummers after checking out Pudding Fancy.

Jon Bear:
My blog of the month for January 2015 is's blog which is more of a compilation site of various blog entries.  I linked it specifically for it's 2014 blog post of the 100 best comic book characters of all time There are several of these types of lists out there, ranking various comic book heroes and villains but I liked their post which combined the two on one list and also considered a variety of comic book characters; not just those from the Marvel and DC comic Universe that I grew up with.   I liked seeing characters such as Groo the Wanderer on their list, who was always a more light hearted type comic book character as well at Hawkeye (number 56 on the list) who was my favorite of all time.  Any list has a great deal of subjectivity to it and can/will always be argued.  That's part of the fun though.  I know that Comics and Anime are hitting something of a revival this past decade or so.  It had seemed like popularity had died down for a bit not long after my childhood when you could once find a comic book store on almost every corner.  I think comic books in general are great entertainment and wonderful social relics of their time, even though the literary genre is in it's relative infancy.  I also think that they can be a bridge for younger adults into reading. 

While pastemagazine is a big site and differs from a lot of the small time more personal blogs around the blogosphere that we might typically share, I still think it's a fun place to read about today's popular culture and can appeal to a lot of people with different interests. 

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