Wednesday, 11 February 2015

30 Day Triceps Dips Challenge Update (Jon Bear)

Carlyn Girl and I have been doing the Triceps exercise challenge as a way to try and improve our fitness.  For me it has extra special effect as I am currently participating in my workplace's health and wellness initiative. 

Quick synopsis of Jon Bear's Days 1-8 of the triceps challenge!

I have not yet been giving updates relative to the challenge, but have met my required number of  successive triceps dips every day.  I don't know that I will be able to do the full sets in the next couple of weeks and I may have to break up my dips, but thus far I have been able to complete the required number of consecutive dips per given day, plus a few, as I am usually doing multiple sets during the day when time allows. 

As we are in the heart of Winter here in the Northeast United States I have not done too much organized exercising to supplement my dips as part of the dips challenge.  I do ride my stationary bike most days though and I like to do some sit-ups push-ups and stretching exercises every other day at least.

Probably the best workout I have received has come from all the snow shoveling I have been doing.  We currently have around 3 feet or roughly 92 centimeters of snow on the ground in and around Albany, NY.  Piles go higher then that but the level ground snow totals are close to 3 feet.  Several times this month I have spent over an hour a day and up to as much as 3 hours one day, shoveling snow, which can be quite the work out.  Even in our bitter cold temperatures my under shirts have been soaked through when I have come in from shoveling.

Day 9: Monday, 9 February

We were hit with Winter Storm Marcus during the last couple of days here and I had Monday off so I spent about 2 hours shoveling snow today.  I completed my 35 dips as required under the guidelines of the challenge.  I also rode the exercise bike for a half hour or so.  I continued to do sets of 10 or 15 dips while watching Gotham and did some sit-ups, push-ups and stretching exercises.  All in all a pretty productive day.  I noticed Carlyn is a little bit ahead on her expected reps totals at least, as we are supposed to repeat the total we had prior to our rest day on the day after our rest day.

Day 10: Tuesday, 10 February (Rest Day)

With Tuesday being rest day I did not plan on doing any dips, but ended up doing a couple of small set reps anyway after work.  Outside of my dips reps I did not do any fitness workout.

Day 11: Wednesday, 11 Februrary

I have yet to do any exercising today as I have been at work all day again and am currently at the local Library.  It was a very busy day of work and I am the only person in my department so I do not really have the ability to exercise unless I go for a walk on my lunch break.  I try to go for walks around the local community during my lunch break sometimes when the weather is a bit nicer.  The -20 degree Celsius temperatures and snow covered sidewalks make that a bit treacherous this time of year.  I do plan on doing my 35 dips tonight when I get home.  Otherwise I don't have too many exercise plans.  I have off on Wednesday so I might try to think of something different and fun to do to get in some "different" exercise tomorrow. 


  1. Good work on exercising Jon! I think you are more disciplined about it than I am.

  2. I tailed off a bit when I went to visit mom and now I'm reaching the totals in sets and not consecutively, but on the whole I've done pretty well to keep up with it I think. >.< *crosses fingers*


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