Monday, 16 February 2015

Entertainment Monday: Eric Nam ( 16 February 2015)

I've been watching a lot of Asian entertainment lately through watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas and eatyourkimchi. Along the way, I discovered kpop singer Eric Nam’s song Ooh Ooh featuring Hoya. Eric Nam is an American Korean pop singer who rose to fame from singing on Youtube. He gained further attention when he entered into a Korean talent show called Birth of a Great Star 2 in 2011 where he lasted up to the top 5. Afterwards, he joined B2M Entertainment and d├ębut as a solo artist in 2012.

Ooh Ooh is Eric Nam’s third single and was released last year. It’s a feel good, upbeat song that is perfect for dancing. The song is about falling in love and being so happy about finding someone to love.  The video clip is cute and Eric Nam looks adorable in it.

Eric also sings in English which gives him a greater international reach. 

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