Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sunshine Coast Holiday Story Part 1

Last year, my family and I went on vacation to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia which I mentioned here. We spent the last December holidays entertaining relatives and friends who came to visit from interstate and overseas.  So, my parents wanted to book a holiday before anyone could come to visit us.

We decided to go the Sunshine Coast as we hadn’t really explored the area before. The trip was also the first time we had booked a hotel as my parents prefer staying over at relatives or friend’s houses when on vacation. Personally, I don’t like staying over at other people’s houses because you always have to be on your best behaviour and there is little privacy.

View of Kings Beach from our hotel
We booked an apartment so we could save on cost and do things ourselves.  We stocked up on groceries for the trip so that we could cook dinner and breakfast. Dad even bought a small rice cooker so that we could always have Asian meals at home. 

My parent's bedroom

My brother and I also brought two big suitcases because we didn't have smaller ones so we filled it with a lot of clothes. My brother Paul pointed out that we might have a problem with fitting all our stuff into our car. Thankfully, we did manage to fit everything in the car. It was a bit of a tight squeeze as we had stuff by our legs as well. At one point, an alarm went off in the car and it turned out that dad had packed a smoke alarm in case the hotel went on fire!

My room with my brother

The hotel that we booked was a small family business and we were greeted by the owner when we arrived. He was really nice and helped us carry our bags to the third floor. There was no elevator so it was sweaty work hauling all our things up the stairs. The owner was very strong and he carried our suitcases on his shoulder. It was impressive considering he looked about sixty.


I was pleasantly surprised that the apartment had modern d├ęcor. It was generic and sparse but better than I expected. I had looked at their website and the rooms were outdated but clean looking. It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom/laundry, living area and balcony.  It was nice having a place for ourselves and I could see how we could live with less stuff.


We mainly spent the first day, settling in our new home for the week. I think the hotel must have excellent sound proofing or maybe we had quiet neighbours as we didn't hear much noise from anyone.

Kings Beach

After we had recovered from our long journey we decided to go to Kings Beach. Kings Beach was just a short walk away from our hotel. All we had to do was get out from the back gate and walk in a straight line to the beach.  The beach had rock pools and boulders on the outskirts and it was fun to walk around on them. 

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