Thursday, 12 March 2015

Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba

On the second day of my family vacation, we went to Underwater World. Underwater World is a small aquarium which has a wide variety of sea life on display. It has tropical and native fish, jellyfish, octopi, stingrays, sharks and seals.


When we got there we were already tired from our trip to Australia Zoo. The first thing I asked at the Reception Desk was whether they had a cafĂ© so we could have some coffees. The receptionist was in good humour and said that of course they do and how did I think he got to such a portly size.  We paid for our tickets and they took a photo of us at a photo wall so we could purchase them later.

The first thing we saw on entering was section of rock pools that people could reach in and touch the sea life in them. I don’t remember everything that was in them except that there starfish. Next was a section of small tanks that had tropical fishes such as the clown fish and tiny seahorses.

The exhibit I was most impressed with was the jellyfish. There were lots of tanks of jellyfish and there were LED lights that shone down on the tanks projecting different colours. The jellyfish were white naturally so the colours from the lights added an interesting element to them. The display was mesmerizing. One of the interesting things about jellyfish is that they are not self aware because they don’t have a brain. They don’t think or feel emotions at all, they are just alive.
We also went to see the outdoor tanks which had huge fish. There also other aquariums inside that had fish as large as watermelon. I wonder if they are good eating?

I also liked walking through the underwater aquarium where the sharks and stingrays were housed.

At the end of the day we caught the last seal show. The seals are big creatures, it’s what I picture an aquatic dog would be like. They are agile and intelligent too.

I recommend Underwater World for people visiting Queensland and local tourists. For a small aquatic centre, it has a good variety of sea life on display, the staff is friendly and everything is very clean.

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  1. I remember the Jellyfish much as you described when I went on my trip to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut last year. Did underwater world have any Polar Bears or Penguins? I remember feeling a bit sad for the Polar Bears at the Mystic Aquarium. They looked either sad or bored as if they rather be elsewhere. I didn't look at them too long. >.<

    1. Underwater World is a very small attraction so they did not have any polar bears. We do have polar bears at Sea World but I think there enclosure is quite spacious and they look happy.


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