Thursday, 16 April 2015

Eumundi Markets

On a family vacation last year, my family and I went to the famous Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast. Eumundi is a small rural town which has a big market every Saturday and Wednesday. The market place is huge and every stallholder needs to sell handmade items. The markets have been a great success for Eumundi providing a good income for the town. Tour groups even go to the markets and there are plenty of cafes, bakeries and restaurants that benefit from them.

We only had a week on the Sunshine Coast and this trip to the markets was for my parents. They love going to markets and they go to markets whenever they have free time. The market is right in the middle of town and we were impressed at the sight of so many market stalls.  There were many people already at the markets and there were cars parked down lanes and in the suburbs. Luckily, they use the school oval for extra parking so we found a parking space.

The market is free and we got right in it. There were lots of jewellery, art work, handicrafts and clothing on offer and all of it of a professional quality.  While the stuff was lovely to look at, I didn't buy anything. I prefer flea markets with junk at rock bottom prices.

There were also many food stalls selling all kinds of foods from different cultures.  There was so much to look at and we didn't know where to start. After wandering around we decided to get something to eat. I can’t remember what it was but I was looking for some famous food stand but I don’t think it was there any more. Instead, we had satay spring rolls which were delicious. It was the speciality of the Thai food stand and they sold frozen take home spring rolls too. I considered taking some frozen ones home for my friends but I didn't because I wouldn't be able to refrigerate it until hours later.

When we finished eating, we decided to leave Eumundi to go shopping . We looked up the nearest mall and we spent the remainder of the day in the shops before we bought some groceries and went home.

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