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Entertainment Monday: Jake Bugg (June 1st, 2015)

Entertainment Monday: Jake Bugg

I've wanted to post music by Jake Bugg on Entertainment Monday for quite some time now and yet it seems that every time I create an Entertainment Monday post I forget about Jake Bugg.  Jake is only 21 years old and was born in Clifton, Nottingham, England.  I first heard of him a little bit before one of his songs was featured in a Nike commercial hear in the United States.  At that time I decided to go on line and listen to some of his other music and was extremely impressed to discover the number of songs I liked that this teenager (at the time) was singing.  I think he has an incredibly bright future in the music industry given the quality of his music and how young he still is.  Eventually some of his music popped up on WEQX the radio station I love to listen to out of Manchester, Vermont. 

I imagine that some of our readers are familiar with his music already.  Especially any of those who may be from England, because I understand that he had quite a following there and I know he was up for Best New Artist in one of their music awards shows a couple of years back now. I've loved the music that has come out of England from British bands since I was a kid and my sister got me into XTC and of course the Beetles.

Here are a few of the tunes I love from Jake Bugg.

Lightning Bolt: The song I mentioned earlier first featured in a Nike commercial here in the United States.  As a huge San Diego Chargers National Football League fan I immediately took to this song.  (The Chargers team insignia is a Lightning Bolt)

Another song I really like by Jake Bugg is called Two Fingers.  This song often runs through my head at work for some reason. >.> A song about change and moving on. 

A lot of his music is kind of raw and feels way too mature for a teenager to be writing and yet so many people experience different things at different ages and some people are forced to grow up quickly because of where they grow up or their family circumstances.  I don't know much about Jake Bugg's youth, but if he writes out of personal experience then he does a good job of expressing his past in his music.

The world of music is so fickle and it's hard to figure who will and won't last but out of some of the bands and performers I've been to exposed to in the last few years I would be very surprised if Jake Bugg didn't have some serious staying power.

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  1. I can't believe he's only 21! Before reading your post, I clicked on the music you posted about and listened to it while looking at other stuff. I thought you were featuring some act from the 60s as he sounds like an old folk singer. I haven't heard of him before but I think he's got a good future ahead of him too.


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