Monday, 8 June 2015

Entertainment Mondays: Big Bang ( 8 June 2015)

Big Bang is a Kpop boyband consisting of members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Seungri. The band has been together since 2006 and are one of the first groups to become internationally famous. The band members have also branched out to release individual albums, collaborated with other artists as well as working in pairs which are called sub units in kpop and have acted in film and television.

I’m not that familiar with their music but I have watched some of their music videos. I love their dancing and I think they perform very well live. Taeyang is my favourite Big Bang member as I think he’s a good singer and dancer.

Big Bang has recently debut their comeback song after a three year hiatus. They plan to release a new album in September. What I love about Kpop comebacks is that it is always exciting to see the new direction of the band. A comeback includes a new look which often means dramatic new haircuts and daring fashion choices. The music direction is always new and different to their previous style. If the previous album was dark then the next album might be more fun.  

I really liked their first song called Loser which has intense lyrics and a depressing theme. The song is about feeling worthless and wrestling with inner demons. The first lines in the song are about comparing themselves to rubbish.  In the music video all the members are tormented from problems like infidelity, loss of faith and isolation. For the more conservative viewer, I must warn you that there is a scantily clad woman in the video. However, the racy elements in the video may seem tame by western standards.  I find it to be very sexy for a Kpop video as most sexy kpop videos don’t have people so undressed and usually it is coyly suggestive.

Another new song from Big Bang is Bae Bae which  I think is quite a pleasant song but it has an utterly bizarre video clip which I love. It is a good example of the extravagance and daring of kpop. 

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