Monday, 27 July 2015

Entertainment Monday: Civil Twilight (Monday July 27, 2015)

Civil Twilight is a band that hails from South Africa who got their start in 2005 but did not put out their first album until 2010 which is when I first heard of them, but they have been going strong ever since.  I love when I get to share music from bands who span the globe and I believe Civil Twilight is the first South African band I really took a liking too.    The band members are Andrew McKellar, Richard Wouters, Steven McKellar and Kevin Dailey.  One of the reasons I want to feature their music on our Entertainment Monday is because they have recently come out with a new album titled Story of an Immigrant.  Holy Dove, is a single off of Story of an Immigrant that has gotten a lot of radio play here in the Northeastern United States and Civil Twilight recently performed in the Capital Region of New York State even though I was not able to attend the show. =(

Holy Dove

My first introduction to Civil Twilight has a bit of a funny story behind it.  There were two songs I had heard from them that I absolutely loved and yet I did not know who sang them.  I THOUGHT the songs were sung by Muse.  Hopefully I don't offend any Muse fans (or Civil Twilight fans) by the comparison or by what I'm about to say... which is, that in general I don't like much of Muse's music.  Muse has been around for a long time and has a very faithful following. I was convinced that the two songs I loved from Civil Twilight were sung by Muse and I was kind of happy to find out that I actually liked some songs by Muse.  Of course... I was mistaken and eventually found out that Civil Twilight sang Letters From the Sky and River.  >.<  Haha... sorry Muse... I'm still looking for a song I really love from you!

Letters From the Sky

River is probably my favorite Civil Twilight song.  It is likely in my top 10-20 songs of all time actually, if I had to make a list.  With the sheer amount of music I listen too and music I love, that's saying something.

Another new tune from Civil Twilight that I like a lot is Fire Escape.  I think that they do a good job of mixing up their sound as their newer album has a different sound to it then their previous albums.  I like how some of their songs feature guitar and others feature the piano. 

If any of our readers ever have a band that they really love and wish to share that band with Carlyn and I, please feel free to do so in our comments section on a Music Featured Entertainment Monday.  I'm always open to listening to new music and discovering new bands I might love.  Of course not everything is going to appeal to everyone (a la my Muse comments from earlier) but I never have any issues giving a band or singer a chance.  Heck, when you listen to Classical Music, Opera, Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Indie Music, Folk Music and even some Rap and Country Music, I think my likes cover a pretty broad spectrum.  One of the things I really enjoy too about listening to some of the K-pop bands that Carlyn has shared is that it is music I do not typically have exposure to.  I think their are so many talented performers across a variety of musical genres and while it's good to be discerning in musical tastes, I also think it's good to sample a bit of everything.  Who knows?  By sharing music we might not ordinarily get to hear perhaps we'll find our new favorite band or performer? 

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  1. I'd never heard of Civil Twilight before.

    Holy Dove- I liked the dancing in the video clip.
    Letters from the sky- Sounded like what would be included in a soundtrack for an action movie.
    River- I liked this one.
    Fire Escape- I liked the chorus to this one.


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