Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cairns Story Part 7

Paul’s special request during our trip to Cairns was to visit Crystal Caves. Crystal Caves is located in the neighbouring town of Atherton. It’s actually not a real cave but museum and gift shop specializing in gems, minerals and fossils. The museum is set up as a cave with stones and such inland into the walls.

Paul and I were given construction helmets to enter the museum. I asked if the helmets were for fun and the clerk said they were needed to provide protection in the cave and the headlights added light. We entered the tunnel into the cave which was cramped and dim, the lights from our helmets shone on the crystals and other rocks. There were little labels and information to show what the rocks were; we were told we were allowed to touch them too.

The cave opened out to other areas and rooms. The best feature was the Empress of Uruguay which is the World’s biggest Amethyst Geode. It was three meters tall and placed in a dark room with a water feature. It was spectacular to see because its size and beauty.  

After that, we explored other parts of the cave which also had other curiosities besides rocks and crystals like one of those static spheres that make your hair stand up.

I was still a bit sick from yesterday’s experience so I wasn’t in the best of spirits. In all honesty, I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible but I took my time in the museum anyway. We had paid for it and Paul had really wanted to come here. Paul said I didn’t look enthusiastic about being there and the photos of me prove it. So I felt a bit conflicted about what to do. Sometimes when you are sick you just have to keep going forward while other times you should drop everything and rest. In the end, we both agreed that I wasn’t up to doing any more sightseeing for the day. We would go out again tomorrow. I told Paul that he could go sightseeing by himself but he didn’t want to.

Before we left Crystal Caves, we looked around the vast gift shop. There was a huge selection of jewelry and trinkets made from crystals and other rocks. I helped Paul to select various presents for people back home. The prices were really affordable and the staff was super friendly.

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  1. This looks like a place I would love to visit! Sorry you weren't feeling well enough to fully enjoy it.

  2. I'm sorry too that you couldn't fully enjoy the experience Carlyn. I think there are some caves called the Crystal Caves in New Mexico in the United States. They are not a museum though and I imagine much of those caves are not even open to the public as the crystals can make the air toxic. The caves are also extremely hot. The combination of having to wear full body suits and breathing apparatus in the extreme heat are not the most comfortable thing for explorers. >.<

    1. I went to google real crystal caves in the world. I think the real caves are beautiful and like Superman's fortress of solitude. I didn't know that crystals could make the air toxic but I guess it depend on the kind of crystals.


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