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Entertainment Monday: Paddington ( 17 August 2015)

Paddington Bear was one of my favourite characters when I was growing up. I had a pop up Paddington bear book which I loved to pull all the tabs and lift up all the flaps. I was delighted to learn about the new live action film of Paddington Bear. I think it is fortunate that CGI has reached such a level that they can do this kind of movie.


The story starts with an unnamed explorer who wanders through darkest Peru. He encounters some extraordinary bears that are curious and intelligent. He teaches them to talk and how to get on in society. Afterwards, he returns home to London and tells them they can visit him any time and receive a warm welcome.

Paddington Bear is born many years later. He lives with his aunt Lucy and uncle Pastuzo until an earthquake destroys their home. Aunt Lucy is too old to take care of him and sends him to London. Paddington arrives in London and is taken in by the Brown family until they can find the explorer.

I enjoyed watching the film and I know that my younger self would have loved this film. I think the movie captures the charm of Paddington Bear. He’s a good bear who gets into a lot of mishaps. I thought the humor in the film suited in the film as well and the characters were wacky but endearing in their own way.
The humans featured in the film were Hugh Bonneville as Mr Henry Brown who use to be a fun and daring man until he had children. His family regard him as the fun police, who insists on safety and education. Then there is his wife Mary (Sally Hawkins) who champions Paddington welfare and believes he belongs in their family. The Brown’s son, Jonathan (Samuel Joslin) instantly takes to Paddington, while their daughter Judy (Madeleine Harris) takes some time to warm to him.
 I liked how Paddington describes preteen Judy, as suffering from something called embarrassment, which is a stage where children are embarrassed at everything that their family does and just wants to fit in with other kids. I believe I went through that time as well. It’s awfully annoying for other people when children go through that stage. They are so disdainful and moody. I sometimes see it as I a primary school teacher.
Nicole Kidman stars as Millicent, the villain in the story. Her character wants to taxidermy Paddington. I thought she made a good villain as she seemed to embrace the silly villain character with enthusiasm. Peter Capaldi had a small role as Mr Curry, the Brown’s kill joy stickler neighbor who doesn’t think it’s proper to have a bear in the neighborhood. I thought he was pretty good too.

The sets were beautiful and fanciful particularly the Brown’s house and the Geography Guild. The Brown’s all had beautiful rooms which matched their personalities. I love the entrance of their house which had a spiral staircase and a big tree mural which changed to reflect the mood in the story. For example, in a sad part of the movie, all the leaves blew off the mural. Jonathan’s room with a large moon mural and mecanno toys was particularly striking.

I think this movie is good to watch with small children. I’m sure they will find the story charming and entertaining.  

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  1. It's definitely a different genre than I'm used to watching, but from your description, the storyline does sound humorous.

  2. Oh, I so want to watch this movie! I grew up reading the Paddington books and loved them so much. This movie looks like it would be a good one to watch with the family as well.

  3. I saw the previews for Paddington a few times earlier in the year when I went to movies. I remember the books too from my childhood. I was not sure from the previews as to whether or not I would enjoy the movie, but after reading your review I believe it to be a movie I would like.


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